Everyone has something special

We are looking for that unique essence because you want to attract your client. Perhaps rekindle the fire. Telling all good things you have. Catch them in your arms. You did test it with potions and filters, rabbit legs and alligator tails.

Now it’s our turn. We will create chemistry between you and your customer. Transform your story into a unique and impressive one, so you can appeal your customers.

“David was always hiding in that big block of marble, all I did was remove the unnecessary parts” - Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475 – 1564)

We love Marketing

Amara is a company of integral marketing projects for the technology and tourism sectors. For over 14 years we’ve been contributing to the tourism sector progress. Because we are passionate about it.

We work with our customers to develop solutions that range from strategic planning of actions to be executed, to the planning design and development of actions.

To ensure the success of all projects, we rely on different work methodologies, to simplify and be more flexible, making our customers and our professional team closer, for the final result to fit better with the needs.

Our guides are transparency, ongoing management, anticipating results, flexibility, adaptation, improve of ROI, increased productivity, synergy and the ability to deliver quality solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Mediterranean style

We live and work in privileged islands where the environment encourages us to be creative. Well connected throughout Europe and they have a great international environment. With a temperate climate for ten months a year and a large number of professionals highly trained in technology and tourism. A place where at the end of your working day, you can enjoy the beach or a hike in the mountains twenty minutes later.

That’s why our choice could not be other than living here and working for companies which develop products that make life easier for everyone, no matter where they are. Because creativity and talent no longer travel by car or plane, but through radio waves and optical fiber.

If you are interested in getting to know a place where combining quality of life, creativity, innovation and Mediterranean lifestyle, we invite you to meet us.

Our ten core values

  1. Honesty in all our actions.
  2. Humility is an important part of our attitude.
  3. Excellence in service is our goal.
  4. In our daily work we count on freedom and independence.
  5. Creativity, an open mind, is the starting point in our work.
  6. We value the social dimension of businesses.
  7. Innovation and change are part of our environment.
  8. We know the value of things and we give each its due.
  9. Our differences bring us together.
  10. We believe that long-term relationships are based on mutual trust.

They also talk about us

Daniel Alzina

“We began to plan our expansion into Asia and we realized we needed to introduce us in a more attractive and modern way, with visual and content coherence. We needed to turn around the company communication strategy, since it didn't value our product enough. We were focused on the brand; however, Amara suggested we worked on defining our company and making crossmedia content. What mattered was not where, but how. We trusted them, and eventually we realized that we were right to follow their recommendations, now our company's communication has value, we just have to choose where we locate each content.”

Wenceslao Bover

“We met Amara through our research and innovation division, as they had jointly developed a project in a digital environment where Amara  brought usability and commercial product definition. We found the final result was very interesting, so we called them to submit a proposal for improving an application interface of our Major Events division that is in charge of the Olympics. Since then, we have worked together on four more projects, with very good results. In some of last ones, they were integrated into our presales team, taking part in defining the solution to present to the client. They provide us a lot of value, and also fullfil in time and results.”

Sonia Marzo

“It was simply OUTSTANDING, and most importantly it is not just my perception, but a general comment of all attendees and especially the Global Director of Innovation Centers, Kenik Hassel.”

Kenik Hassel

“Our expectations for the meeting were high, but you have managed to overcome them widely.”