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Alua Hotels & Resorts is a young tourism company committed to acquiring and managing hotels. With the intention of focusing on the Spanish holiday market, it concentrates its activities in the Balearic and Canary Archipelagos and on the Mediterranean Coast.

The chain offers a holiday at beachfront, modern, unique and fun. It creates cozy atmospheres by refurbishing hotels and re-positioning them on the market. Designing, flexibly, a customized solution for each hotel and differentiating its products in each market in which it operates.

Today is the seed of a national benchmark of a unique vacation experience. It aims to become over the medium term, a leader chain in the management of around twenty beach hotels.

The Challenge

Create a unique identity for Alua Hotels, applicable to a new concept of hotel chain, with a challenge of designing a strategy that conveys its characteristic hospitality concept in a consistent way to all its customers (both B2C and B2B),

At Amara, we believe that it’s very important to define the style of this communication in order to take advantage of the opportunities that arise through the channels we use to interact with our clients. We are aware that, in a society where digital technology is always present and travels with us in our pocket, the messages must be supported by a very strong multichannel and bidirectional communication strategy.

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The Solution

By analyzing opportunities and through extensive study of demand, compared with the traveller's journey, Amara designed for Alua Hotels & Resorts a marketing strategy and communication in order to strengthen the value proposition and maximize the market value of the brand.

Specifically, this strategy focused on naming, branding, DDC strategy (definition, differentiation and communication) and the creation of its children's club.

Branding. Amara defined, together with the client, the brand values, its naming, corporate identity, by shaping the brand and strengthening the first step to success.

Branded content. We worked a strategy to define Alua’s positioning, differentiation from other hotel chains and its reflection in communication, with the aim of turning it into an industry leader


Alua Hotels & Resorts had begun to have online and offline visibility with excellent positioning and conversion results. Amara has managed to create a new image for Alua, according to its values and essence, all transmitted to the public through all media channels.
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El cliente nos seleccionó

Alua Hotels & Resorts chose us because we have over 12 years contributing with results to the advancement of the hotel and tourism sector, with projects based on user-centric marketing solutions (both B2C and B2B), which take into account the new multi-screen reality (computers, smartphones and tablets) and all stages of the traveller’s journey.