Fergus Hoteles

Acquisition of hotel assets


Fergus Hotels is a young company based in Palma de Mallorca. Fergus is dedicated to the management and purchase of three and four star hotels of more than 100 rooms in Costa de la Luz (Cadiz), Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Costa del Sol and Spanish Levante. Fergus always improves its hotels and its objective is to convert all its establishments in hotels of four stars or four stars superior.

The difference between Fergus and its competition is the personalized treatment they maintain with the owners of the managed establishments and the de-standardization of the product. In Fergus a study is carried out on each hotel acquired and its public in an individual way, so that its improvements always differ from one establishment to another and focused on the values and image of the hotel.

The challenge

Firgus wants to raise brand awareness; it wants that when an owner considers giving in management or selling its establishment, he considers the brand Fergus as a first choice. Fergus wants to have an online presence, communicate its values and have a good web positioning. Another goal is to get leads to establish the first meeting.


The solution

Creation of a new website of expansion following the style of the web of hotels Fergus. In this new website, communicate these values that differentiate them from other competing chains. Creation of a quality database to work from, having previously defined the buyer-persona and the keywords to base on (Inbound Marketing strategy).

Recording and editing videos of three success stories with ‘before and after’ of establishments already managed and reformed by Fergus and the perception of the owners.



The client chose us

For our wide experience in the hotel industry and our knowledge of Inbound Marketing and lead generation. Fergus relied on Amara to communicate its brand in the online environment and make it known among the target audience.