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How to attract the clients that matter to your clinic

Many clinics such as Dentix, Vitaldent, Multiestética… use aggressive marketing tactics, offline and online advertising, have competitive prices… But competing with them is not impossible with the right online marketing strategies to attract customers to your website. Do you want to know them?

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Main marketing strategies for beauty clinics

La estética es una de las disciplinas en el sector que más ha crecido en los últimos años. Conoce las mejores estrategias para tu clínica en 2021.

1. The most important marketing channels for aesthetic clinics.

To develop the different marketing strategies, it is first necessary to know which are the most important channels in which to develop them.

1.1. Nowadays, the website can be the most important conversion channel of a beauty clinic, and for this reason alone, everything related to it must be taken into account: its structure, its design, its content in different formats, success stories and, of course, its conversion elements.

On the one hand, its structure must be designed to meet the main search criteria of your potential clients, generally related to the treatments you offer. In addition, the navigation and design must be clear and adapt to all the devices that consumers use to start or follow their purchase cycle.

On the other hand, the content must be particularly clear and adapt specifically to the last stages of the cycle in which the conversion takes place, that is, the appointment request. For this there are several elements that can be included, in addition to the classic contact forms we can have chats or chatbots with which to start a conversation if it is the preferred option of consumers to collect the necessary information about the clinic.

1.2. Blog.

They are the basis for documenting potential customers and clients of an aesthetic clinic and for this reason are key to the growth of organic (non-paid) traffic coming to the web. It is important to emphasize that the content of the articles must be adapted to your buyer personas, but not only for this reason it must be of high quality and well elaborated.

In fact, not so long ago, Google’s Medical Update meant a drastic change for many companies in the medical sector that generated content through this channel. Today, it is crucial that articles are validated by experts and not only serve a marketing purpose and goal, but also add value and meet the search keywords of increasingly demanding users.

1.3. Social networks.

Nowadays, most users spend a large number of hours consuming content on social networks. Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and, more recently, TikTok are great sources of information for consumers who want to learn about various medical aesthetic solutions, but also to share their opinions on them.

It’s also important to keep in mind that on these platforms you can run segmented ads based on the type of content users consume – all the more reason to know the buying habits of your potential customers. So social networks are a source of information for clinics and customers.

1.4. Email.

Email remains one of the most important channels for developing campaigns and communicating with customers and prospects. However, many practices can become “tedious” for your contacts. Each email must have a purpose, a clear objective and, above all, be personalized according to certain criteria related to the nature of the buyer persona.

To achieve this personalization, it is therefore necessary to carry out an appropriate segmentation of the database, which, beyond basic information such as the name, does not specify the interests of our consumers and the type of content that is more interesting at each stage of their buying cycle. So sending a personalized email is not just getting the name right, but more importantly, getting the content sent to the sender right.


2. Main marketing strategies for aesthetic clinics.

It is becoming increasingly important to humanize marketing. Consumers want more engagement from brands, and that means executing marketing strategies that not only draw attention to products and services, but also connect with people. For an aesthetic clinic, this means empowering its potential customers to make more informed buying decisions.

And what other way is there to empower consumers if not through inbound marketing? By definition, in

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