Innovation Strategies

Branding, corporate profile and website


Innovation Strategies is a technology solutions company, an expert in helping clients with IT business. It has a highly qualified team that specializes in planning and designing databases with large volumes of information.

The challenge

Innovation Strategies is a modern and flexible company with a qualified team, but it did not know how to communicate all these positive values to their potential clients. Their communication was confusing and the image they projected was not the one that corresponded with the company.


The solution

After several meetings with the management team and the other departments, and after having interviewed some of their clients, we were able to understand who Innovations Strategies are and what their employees and their buyers valued. We used this information to create a strong branding and DDC strategy with very marked values. Starting from this base, we created a website in which we without a doubt presented the true Innovation Strategies: its team (without archive images) and its way of working.


Innovation Strategies has a very clear brand image for both its team and its customers. Now they have an online presence with a website that communicates in a clear and simple way their values and their services. With its new website, the company reaches its customers more. The positioning in organic searches of the website was improved thanks to the structuring and programming the content of the website, created from the beginning for a correct positioning SEO.

Innovation Strategies Website, Perfil corporativo y Video Marketing

The client chose us

For our experience in the technological sector, the dynamics of our team that offers comprehensive, innovative, modern results. For our proximity, empathy and flexibility.