Craft beer in Mallorca

Author beers are fashionable, and Mallorca does not live back to new trends. In recent years they have proliferated on the island new brands of non-industrial production of this refreshing drink.

"Cervesa des Pla" is the one made in Algaida,  of high fermentation blonde Premium or black Scout; Alaro focus their work on "MYQ Mayurqa", a drink based on the Belgian classic recipe but with a touch of coriander, orange and licorice. "Beer Lovers" is the brand of beer brewed in Alcudia; meanwhile, the "Sullerica", originally from Soller, is seasoned with a touch of orange blossom, a typical taste of the valley.

These are just a sampling of the many craft beers that are produced in small workshops of Mallorca. There are also plenty of hidden and authentic places on the island to enjoy a rich, tasty and refreshing beer brewed in the tradition of great craftsmanship. A brewery tour around the island is a very good travel alternative.