The demon’s fire lights up Mallorca

Fire beasts, dragons, demons, devils, Lucifer, bonfires... Mallorca is pure tradition of fire. The most emblematic festivals goes by Sant Antoni, the patron saint of animals, on 17th of January. So the homes of Mallorca lengthen the Christmas holidays and continue feasting with family gatherings and to live with authentic tradition one of the most rooted popular celebrations among the Balearic’s population.

The night of the festival, bonfires dotting almost all the villages on the island. Around every corner is willing trunks and grills to barbecue meat, spicy sausage, butifarrones ... And feel the warmth of the fire on a cold winter night. Meanwhile, the demons offer fantastic shows under fire dancing with beautiful masks and tridents sparking violent.

After the holiday stress, it's a great time to enjoy a short break and feel new sensations in Mallorca.