The chant of the Sybil, a Christmas treasure

The island of Mallorca lies one of the richest treasures that has lasted since the Middle Ages. The chant of the Sybil is a liturgical drama that plays almost all the churches of the island on December 24th and opens the door for Christmas. This is a Gregorian melody, declared intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. This tradition is quite a sight to behold.

The song is sung by a young girl, with touches of organ as unique musical support, who is accompanied by at least two acolytes or altar boys with lighted candles. She carries a sword upright in front of his face and walk in procession to the choir. After the procession, she draws a cross in the air with the sword.

This beautiful song is named after a character from Greek and Roman mythology, a prophetess able to know the future. It's all a living example of medieval religious folklore.