Solutions for SMEs

For some years we have been witnessing a true revolution. A new industrial revolution,where technology is the protagonist, has reached practically the entire world. Now the technology is not only used by large organizations, but it's also present in the day to day processes of all organizations of any size and, what is more important, of any origin.

In today's companies speed, volatility and ecosystems make traditional marketing solutions be of little use. Any business works in an increasingly voracious market, where generating value in the society is a sign of success. Nevertheless, a great part of the sector forgets of the most important aspects of the product creation process, sales and examination of the possibilities of the market. This is where a fundamental tool of marketing enters the play.


Do you want to create value and sell more?

At Amara we like to work with small and medium-sized enterprises to turn them into successful companies. We speak the same language as technical departments and we also feel very comfortable with company's business development departments. We understand the challenges that technology companies face.

“We are in a sector where all the companies make the same proposals and same announcements. The only things that differentiate us are the training of our personnel and the price.

“We succeed. We have doubled the staff in the last two years. But I am not able to state clearly why it happened to us and not to our competition.

If you are familiar with any of these phrases, there is no need to worry. We heard them many times. That's why in Amara we offer services that will help define and differentiate your technology company. We study your competition, your distinctive features and your future project, with the objective of building a unique and outstanding value proposal so that you can sell more and retain your customers.