Branding specialists that will help you differentiate yourself

    Branding is the strategy that defines, differentiates and communicates what are the vision and values of your business. This is the logical evolution of what we used to know as the corporate identity of a company, in a world where consumption patterns and ways of communicating with consumers (more active and independent) have changed.

    To understand the power of Branding in an easier and faster way, all you have to do is to think about a particular product or jingle you still remember after years and makes you immediately think about that company’s logo and commercials, your favorite line of the brand and recall happy memories linked to it.

    When the operations to build a brand are conducted by professionals, it establishes a strong, emotional and psychological bond with your customers. People recognize your company, remember it and are loyal during the years or even for a lifetime.

    Sounds exciting, isn’t it? Our methodology to strengthen or create your corporate identity through branding includes visual, communicative and emotional elements, together with a keen focus on its reputation and visibility.

    We adopt a flexible and constant strategy that helps to build, redefine or consolidate your brand in the market, fulfilling a genuine and coherent discourse that shows the culture and values of the company. Thanks to branding, we go beyond the simple logo designing, instead we position your business in the market and help to strengthen the credibility of its products and services.

    As branding experts, we will design a personalized solution for your company, assuring credibility and visibility, to convert your new business in a solid, lasting benchmark for its sector.


    Discover yourself

    Before introducing yourself, it is essential to discover yourself, to know exactly who you are and to establish the foundations of what you offer (how are your products and / or services) and to whom (how are your buyers or potential clients) because your brand is not only visual.



    Defining a brand is determining its strategic positioning in the market, the attributes of its products and / or services, the values with which it stands out, what you want to convey, how you want to be known, the culture and the feeling of belonging of the workers.



    Find what differentiates you from your competition, which makes you unique and special. Power these attributes and show these differentiating values by ensuring that your brand identifies with your ideal customers.


    Alegria Hoteles

    Alegria believes in the local culture of the destinations where its establishments are located, and has a commitment to quality, innovation and its responsibility to the environment. Transmitting all these values is essential to create the brand of the company. The branding strategy is key to differentiate between the competition and facing consumers in the tourism sector.



    Is branding the same as creating a logo?

    Not exactly. If it is true that the logo is important in the marketing of a brand, in any case it only forms a part of a much bigger and articulated machine. A logo is the visual representation of the company, but it is not the entire brand. Branding means creating and aggregating all the necessary marketing and advertising elements, including the logo, developing a unique and personalized image for each business.

    What are the advantages of a brand strategy?

    A well-developed brand strategy, which represents the unique characteristics of the company, provides a great variety of tangible benefits. The brand is our ambassador, spreads the values of the company, attracts new clients and creates a value of outstanding communicative power that exceeds the physical value of the products we offer. Through branding, a company differentiates itself from its competitors and takes advantage of the possibility of defining itself, highlighting the best it has to offer.

    Why branding should be your first strategy?

    Branding is of vital importance to all types of businesses and businesses. A brand is usually made up of its products and services offered, the identity perceived by the public and the emotional connection of the audience with the company. Branding, in fact, means creating a strategy capable of positioning a brand as a reference and placing it above the rest. In addition, creating a unified brand in all its characteristics, from the company logo to reports and bulletins, means that your employees and prospects do not obtain mixed or conflicting information.

    What is a DDC strategy for branding?

    Developing an effective branding strategy means starting DDC, a protocol that involves three fundamental steps: define, differentiate and communicate. We define the image of the company so that it is not perceived differently from what we have planned (values, mission, vision, etc.), we differentiate ourselves from the competition to give our products and services unique features and we communicate this message both on internal and external levels of the company.

    Can you keep a brand without changing it over time?

    It depends on the cases treated. A well-developed marketing strategy should have a fluid structure that adapts to market changes and takes into account variations in consumer trends. Cases in which a rebranding strategy should be considered can be mergers, acquisitions and splits, internationalization, repositioning in the market, damaged reputation, additional development of brand components, etc.