Specialists in content creation

    Imagine receiving a present with an amazing packaging, you are fantasizing about what could be inside and how mesmerizing it would be while ripping the paper, but when you open the box, there is nothing waiting for you. The box is empty.

    If you have read this, congratulations! You have now understood the importance of contents for your marketing strategies.

    Web design and aesthetics are indeed important for your marketing strategy but do not forget that “content is king”.

    Users have changed the way to consume content during the years. In facts, people used to first search for products offline and then online, then vice versa, to finally reach the contemporary stage where they look for information to understand the problem and how to solve it. As you can see, no product seems to be involved in the actual purchase decisions.

    Sales transformed themselves into something deeper and more complex, which involves educating clients, be useful and trustworthy so they can finally consider your services and products the best solution among your competitors.

    Our approach to content creation is a comprehensive strategy which includes all the phases of the buyer’s journey for your company’s sales.

    We know how to create contents to attract the best prospects, engage them, convert into clients and finally make them loyal to your brand. All these steps are part of our Inbound methodology, a marketing science which is not based on the constant promotion of your products but focuses instead on psychology and usefulness for users.

    As it is an incredibly versatile element, content is fully customizable, it can address specific segments and talk about your company like no other marketing tool ever did.

    At Amara we are content professionals, pairing the best ideas and creativity with solid keyword researches and market analysis.

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    Attract more customers


    Google will reward your quality content by placing you in the initial results of your prospects’ searches.


    Position yourself as an expert


    By demonstrating knowledge and experience in the online world, you will position yourself as an expert in the sector, thus generating more confidence in your customers.


    Reach new segments


    Focusing your content in a specific direction will allow you to reach more targeted customers. Choose the clients that you want to reach, study their interests and direct your content towards them.


    Faros de Baleares

    We work on an innovative proposal that, in addition to completing the existing gap on the subject, will act as a powerful communication tool of the APB with the residents of the islands and their visitors. The result is to have given birth to a unique portal in the world, which gathers a material of incalculable value that until now had never been exhibited publicly.


    Why is content important for your digital strategy?

    The content is "the engine" of Internet. Without online content, users could not access the information they seek to solve their problems and satisfy their needs. Providing quality content allows us to successfully position your website and allow your audience to find you and become leads for your company.

    What requirements are necessary to create content?

    The basic steps to create quality content begin with the identification of our audience (who, when, where, etc.). Once the search for information is finished it is important to focus on a title that stands out, to include in the body of the text extensive, relevant and useful content. Ease of reading through visual records (videos, infographics, photos), easy access and sharing complete what is defined as successful content.

    Why quality content helps positioning?

    Provide quality content is essential for any successful SEO strategy. An original content, which includes appropriate keywords and responds to the needs of users, is more likely to generate traffic for your website. If you take care of your contents this allows users to value your useful information and share it with their network, generating a virtuous circle that benefits your SEO on a large scale.

    In which channels should the creation of content be prioritized?

    Conveying contents through the appropriate channels is essential for its success. Once we have profiled the public that interests us the most, we can take advantage of many tools to spread it: the corporate website (SEO advantages thanks to quality content), company social networks (connect both with existing followers and new users), newsletters, CTA and all the possible channels defined by the marketing strategy adopted.

    How does the content help with potential customers?

    Having quality content is fundamental in all stages of the buyer's journey, the path of users where simple visitors become customers. Valid content attracts new visits, provides educational tools and solutions to reach conscious decision making, maintains relationships with users who have become customers and takes care of them to enhance retention.