Optimize your conversion points and gain efficiency

Now that you have successfully applied the Inbound Marketing methodology, you will want to see how your number of leads increase and your sales grow. But it is not enough to just implement the strategy: you must perfect it. 

Increasing conversions on your website means improving your conversion funnels. If you want your conversion rate to grow, it is important to verify that your funnels have adapted to the new methodology of your company.

Working on conversion optimisation will help you locate the conversion points that will have the greatest impact on users, so that you can dedicate your best efforts to prioritise them and improve your sales processes. At Amara we help businesses in Mallorca to redefine and increase the efficiency of conversion points.


Perfect your conversion processes

Review in depth the definition of your funnels: check for leaks, what targets can be improved and make each process adapt to each step of the conversion.


Increase system efficiency

Study where automation is less necessary. If you apply the right tasks to your Inbound system, its effectiveness to close sales will be even greater.


Increase results

Defining the conversion funnels more precisely means that each sales process will close more quickly, which will in turn speed up the process and help increase sales.


Clínica Pronova

The objective was to continue increasing the number of visits in the long term and improving the qualification of their contacts so that they become real sales opportunities, through a sustainable and satisfactory system for the client.


First appointments


Sales increase


Website visits