Inbound marketing, the methodology that will help you grow

    Inbound marketing is a powerful methodology to find your next customers online using the potential of the web.

    If your company is still counting on traditional Outbound marketing based on the interruption in users' activities to display an advertisement, it is essential to acknowledge that this methodology no longer works as it used to do in the past.

    As online behavior of users is constantly changing and online competition in every sector is higher than ever, your next clients have now the power to look for information by themselves and, as a consequence, reject any type of ad through systems like AdBlock or by simply not paying attention to them.

    In our Inbound marketing methodology, all the proper communication tools for your company work together, oriented to a single purpose: attract users, convert prospects into leads, close them with a purchase of a product or service and finally delight your new clients to enhance loyalty and retention.

    This disruptive innovation focuses on the quality and diffusion of targeted contents, which are not used to sell anymore, but to build a relationship of trust with potential customers, place your brand in the expert’s lists and make you trustworthy and useful.

    Inbound marketing marks a turning point in today's marketing also thanks to the introduction and use of innovative concepts such as Buyer Personas (your ideal segments of clients) and their Buyer’s Journey (the path users follow from the search of information to the purchase decision).

    It might seem a long process to follow but in facts, it is not. Once we have designed our strategy by taking into account your specific sector and company needs, it is ready to be started and show its efficiency on the short run. Besides, Inbound marketing will assure to generate quality leads for your company, improve your ROI rates and even benefit your brand image, all together.

    Get ready for your customers to find you and start a new chapter of your business history with our Inbound marketing solution. We are ready to go!


    Add value to your business

    This methodology is built around your clients, which will add a higher value to their perception of your company.


    Connect with your customers

    Find out what your potential clients need and how you can solve their problems. Thanks to the new approach of your organization towards the client, you can create a stronger bond with your audience.


    Same efforts, better results

    You will discover that by using the same resources, you can get more leads and accelerate sales closures.


    Clínica Pronova

    The objective was to continue increasing the number of visits in the long term and improving the qualification of their contacts so that they become real sales opportunities, through a sustainable and satisfactory system for the client.


    First appointments


    Sales increase


    Website visits


    What does your business website need to do Inbound?

    Developing a corporate website represents a crucial factor for the success of Inbound strategies. Its ideal characteristics in terms of structure include ease of navigation, optimization for mobile devices, internal links and buttons to reach the social networks of the company. Talking about contents, a successful corporate website should have a blog, long texts of good quality that include keywords and CTAs to involve users.

    What can be achieved with Inbound Marketing?

    Inbound Marketing is widely considered an effective strategy to promote brands, but there are companies which do not use it yet because they do not understand the advantages it can offer or do not have the time and training to apply it. Adopting Inbound strategies attracts more visitors to the corporate website, generates leads and converts them into new customers and encourages loyalty for existing customers. In addition, it is a scalable and viable long-term strategy suitable for all types of businesses.

    Which strategies does Inbound Marketing include?

    Adopting Inbound methodology involves using its strategy branches, each one with its own characteristics and advantages. The main ones include creation of original content (Content Marketing), analysis and improvement of indexing (SEO Marketing), propagation of the message through social networks (Social Media Marketing), emails (E-mail Marketing) and pay per click campaigns (PPC). The flexibility of Inbound Marketing allows us to create a plan tailored to the business’ needs of the company and use the strategies that best suit them.

    What should be expected from Inbound Marketing?

    The potential of the application of an Inbound Marketing strategy is best expressed when it is carried out by professionals of the sector. Advantages derived from this methodology include a fast increase of traffic and better SEO positioning, attract new leads, convert leads into real customers, loyalty enhancement and retention of existing buyers and improvements in the reputation of the company on the web.

    How long will it take your business to see the ROI?

    The calculation of the ROI generated by the application of Inbound strategies responds to subjective rules according to the needs of the company, tools used, initial investment and many other factors. If applied correctly, Inbound Marketing generates a fast and consistent ROI that can be calculated through a joint action of the marketing and sales team and / or using data collection platforms such as Hubspot.