Why bet on one player when you can get a team? Align your marketing and sales teams to improve results

    As an entrepreneur or company, you might have experienced slowdowns in the work rhythm or misunderstandings that led to a major expense of time and resources, due to the interactions between your Sales and Marketing teams.

    It happens in every business sector, whether for small or giant companies, in the past and present. We are here to make sure the future will be different.

    This is not a guilt game, we are sure that both of your departments are focused on their own strategies, looking forward to revenue generation for your company. Perhaps, they just need a little help to cooperate and discover all the incredible advantages that would derive from a new concept of teamwork.

    At Amara, we like to think about your every business as a perfect machine, where all its components work in harmony and synergy to achieve new, incredible goals.

    We are talking about Sales and Marketing alignment, in other words, SMARKETING.

    Thanks to this “smart” methodology, we focus on uniting your departments through shared strategy and funnels, a well-defined SLA (Service Level Agreement), brainstorming sessions and workshops on site. Then, we provide useful tools to create new strong procedures and develop a smoother, effective communication between your Sales and Marketing teams.

    Thanks to this process, we create a new internal dialogue and make information about clients accessible to simplify the work of both teams as much as possible. In the end, strategies will be more effective, the processes faster and the closures easier to reach. A true peaceful


    Unify communication


    It's time to break the frontier between marketing and sales. Your two teams must communicate constantly and commit to completing assigned tasks.


    Trace the sale from the beginning to its closing 

    Both teams must be part of the process and know each other's actions. This will allow you to be aware of leads and close sales faster.


    Consolidate pros and solve cons

    Take advantage of the virtues of both teams and combine them. In this way you can find the problems in each department, solving them so that both groups are compatible.



    Why traditional selling techniques do not work anymore?

    Changes within sales techniques have been disruptive in the last decade. Today, companies must confront the "customer era," where old sales techniques used in the "vendor era," such as cold calling, do not work anymore. Due to the greater competition in the market, the required mentality for sales team is to educate and provide solutions. This is possible through quality contents and tailored strategies, to convert sales opportunities into closures for your business.

    What does it mean that Marketing and Sales are not aligned?

    In the structural organization of most companies, the Sales and Marketing departments are two separate entities, each one with its methodologies and objectives. The sales team must meet the monthly or quarterly quotas and for this reason acts quickly to close the sale. Marketing professionals, on the other hand, rely on long-term strategies such as establishing a strong brand reputation and caring for potential customers. Although these two teams have the same objective (generate incomes for the company), they often compete, being in facts misaligned.

    Why is it important to align Marketing and Sales?

    Realigning both teams to pursue the same objectives is a good first step, but the strategy to reach these objectives must be defined jointly. The advantages of being on the same page and working as a team are obtained by applying Smarketing strategies (Smart Marketing), such as writing Service Level Agreements for each phase of the Revenue Cycle. We also encourage teams to provide the necessary feedback, according to the interaction with the contacts, determine what are the needs and preferences of business consumers and establish improvements that lead to more conversions.

    What does an alignment audit include?

    The alignment audit of Marketing and Sales managers involves an in-depth analysis of the processes, platforms and roles performed by each team. The main steps include on-site workshops, SLA (Service Level Agreement) reviews, reports with our recommendations and strategies to achieve alignment between the two departments, ideas about the exchange of potential customers, their definition and classification.