Sales enablement

    How is the sales process of your business? Do you focus your methodology on the pitch of your salesforce or on the needs of your customers? Due to the changes in consumer’s behavior, traditional sales techniques (which are also affected by lack of alignment with the department or marketing managers) are not effective.

    Because of these reasons, you need a scalable and productive long-term strategy, which allows adapting to changes and maintain conversions: a user-centric strategy. To achieve this goal, today’s sellers must rely on information obtained from the sales opportunities of their company (those prospects with purchase intentions). This information will allow you to know your customer’s needs during each step of the buyer's journey.

    When the adequate information about this cycle is given to a well-trained seller, it makes the difference when it comes to reach the right audience at the right time. This process allows us to make your sales opportunity reach the decision stage for a purchase. Anyhow, since the quality of these opportunities is important to generate sales, in Amara we help you to define the correct strategy in each stage and align marketing and sales’ representatives to reach common objectives.


    We provide resources to the sales team

    We help you equip your sales representatives with the most relevant content and the necessary technology to identify opportunities, according to their status in the purchase cycle. These resources will allow them to measure the effectiveness of each contact with potential clients and optimize their engagement techniques.


    Increase its efficiency

    The alignment of marketing and sales teams of your company is vital to activate sales and achieve common business objectives. It is essential to improve revenues having an internal communication system that allows to qualify suitable leads for sales and establish the quality of the best opportunities.


    Improve its relationship with your customers

    By developing a sales activation strategy, we prepare your team to adopt a different attitude towards the customer that allows its members to focus on their needs according to their status in the purchase cycle. This methodology makes the team able to consolidate themselves as authority figures and useful sources of information.


    What is a sales activation strategy?

    Sales activation (or sales enablement) is the strategy that will help you improve your sales results. Thanks to integrated content, the capture of appropriate leads for your business, technology and training with the correct alignment between your marketing and sales representatives, we can teach you how to act in the different phases of the purchase cycle of your consumers, all at the right moment.

    Why is sales activation important?

    The activation of sales is a fundamental strategy that allows sales representatives to achieve results in a scalable, predictable and repeatable way: this means making inbound sales. This strategy provides the resources, tools, practices and knowledge necessary to succeed and achieve the company's objectives.

    What are Inbound sales?

    Nowadays, consumer’s behavior is characterized by its variability, this is the reason why traditional sales techniques are not effective anymore and sales representatives need to be aligned with marketing managers to carry out an inbound sales process with adequate resources and tools. This process is characterized by identifying the right leads, connecting with them through the best contents, exploring the suitability for sale and advising in a correct way our leads when they are about to make a decision.

    Why is the conversion rate higher with Inbound sales?

    The activation of sales through the Inbound methodology enables to personalize the experience of those responsible for sales, according to the context of the potential buyer; in other words, they can account each step of the purchase cycle. Since this is a user-centric methodology, our leads do not feel pressured (but, on the contrary, empowered) when making the decision, thanks to the content and information provided by the company.

    How does Inbound sales improve business effectiveness?

    A sales activation strategy only makes sense if supported by the analysis of the effectiveness of the resources used by sales managers, so that future efforts can be optimized. Among the available metrics to improve commercial effectiveness, we should consider the duration of the purchase cycle of company's consumers, the conversion quotas that lead to closure.