Growth acceleration workshop

Many businesses are faced with an unfortunate reality: their sales do not grow over time and ultimately so does their business. Sometimes this is because the business proposes objectives that do not adjust to the reality of the interests of the clients, or they are not following a clear strategy.

To improve sales and achieve growth in business it is necessary to conduct a sales study, translate the results into reports and use analysis to check whether the strategy can meet the final objectives. As a result of this, Amara offers companies in Mallorca the possibility of conducting a sales counselling workshop.

This workshop allows a comprehensive analysis of the sales in the business, taking into account its vision and long-term objectives. It will be possible to define a new and clear strategy that allows the company to understand the keys to its growth, taking into account the reality of the market and the needs of prospective customers.


Define your goals

To define new challenges, objectives must be created following the SMART model: they must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based goals.


Align organization and clients

Our workshop takes into account the management of sales teams, so that the entire team participates in the development of a new strategy. The objective is that all groups involved in the sales process understand and study segments of prospects.


Redefine your model

If your business is not prepared to meet + new objectives, it is time to work on new models in the organisation so that all your teams are aligned to achieve the objectives. For example, redefining your buyer personas.