Paid advertising management - SEM: The perfect showcase for your business 

    The Inbound strategy meets the expectations of 90% of your customers. But how can your company reach the remaining 10% of prospects?

    There are potential clients, in facts, that are not detected by the Inbound stages. With so many users navigating on a daily basis to find information, read reviews and make purchases, it is more important than ever that your business is easy to find online.

    Poor visibility can make your business become invisible very quickly. Even the companies with the most amazing products and services experience this challenge, therefore it is useful and profitable to consider the implementation of a Paid Advertising strategy.

    Why do we suggest it? Because it is still one of the best and faster ways to direct consistent volumes of traffic to your website and assures that it comes from relevant public segments. In other words, it brings you qualified prospects who found your business through a very specific search linked to your industry and sector.

    Paid Advertising is nowadays available through many channels such as search engines like Google (GoogleAds) and Bing (BingAds) and Social Media platforms like Facebook (Facebook Ads), Twitter (TwitterAds), etc.

    Among the many options available like PPC (pay per click), CPP (cost per click), CPM (cost per thousand impressions), we choose the best paid listings options adapted to your company’s needs and audience.

    The incredible benefits of this technique include a first page exposure in the chosen Search Engine, immediate and long-lasting traffic to your website, amplified reach, demographical targeting, ROI based on true interactions, detailed tracking and much more.

    Your goal is to develop paid advertising campaigns and reach more prospects through online ads. Our mission is to get you there by guiding your business during the whole process and generate benefits also for your brand image, SEO and relevance in your sector.


    Increase conversions 

    Attracting qualified audiences who are in their final phase of purchase will directly increase the number of conversions.


    Get results quickly

    The creation of landing pages will allow you to provide information at a deeper level, to direct customers straight to the sale.


    Reach difficult segments

    SEM is the right tool to schedule ads and make them reach segments who are different from your current prospects.


    Clínica Pronova

    The objective was to continue increasing the number of visits in the long term and improving the qualification of their contacts so that they become real sales opportunities, through a sustainable and satisfactory system for the client.


    First appointments


    Sales increase


    Website visits


    Why is paid advertising necessary?

    Based on the proven benefits of this technique, using paid advertising is important for all types of companies. Google values relevant PPC ads that are strategically targeted to the right users. The more relevant the campaign, the less the search engine will charge you for each click and this increases the profits obtained using this tool. Planning a quality payment advertising strategy and applying it effectively allows you to respond to the needs in front of the competition and complete your SEO efforts.

    What are the benefits of advertising?

    Using a PPC strategy represents an incredibly effective way to attract traffic, generate leads and convert new contacts into sales. PPC attracts people from your selected audience who actively try to find products and services like yours, as well as those users who had no idea that there were products like this to solve their problems. Another smart feature of this methodology is that it has a cost only when users interact directly with your ads.

    How does PPC marketing work?

    Pay Per Click (PPC) is a type of advertising in which a business/company pays a fee for each time a user clicks on their ad. This type of advertising can be carried through different platforms including placing PPC ads on search engines like Google. When search engine users write relevant keywords related to the business, the PPC ad will appear at the top of the page in the search query.

    What does Google Ads optimization include?

    Google Ads optimization strategies include fundamental steps how to: select "negative" keywords used by users and cut off relevant non-audience segments, add extra information about the company (e.g. positive reviews and links to the corporate website), use keywords with low competition, choose appropriate geographic segmentations and differentiated bidding strategies.

    Can you increase the quality level of the leads?

    Yes, one of the primary objectives of Marketing by PPC is to achieve segments of higher quality. Operating through a correct audience segmentation allows you to pay to exclusively to address the users that are most likely to have a specific interest in buying. This result is achieved using mostly demographic data, analysis of intentions and showing the promoted content focusing its positioning on websites related to the search.