Social media management in business environments

It has long been believed that social networks could solve all of a company’s problems. The truth is that social networks will make you reach your customers better, but only through a well-developed strategy that takes into account the values of your business.

There are a wide range of networks, including those orientated to the consumer, image like Instagram or Pinterest, professionals like LinkedIn, or to conversation like Twitter. If you want to create a greater impact on social networks in Mallorca, it is essential to have a team that carries out the management of your social media, that knows your brand and manages to convey it through every platform.

At Amara we want to help companies to impact the social media in Mallorca through a strategy based on their interests. The objective is to use social networks to continue building your authority in the market and to reach your products and services thanks to your dedication to the creation of useful and informative content.


Increase your expansion

Amplify your signal beyond your website: use your social networks to inform about your new services, show off case studies and more. Become a benchmark in your sector.


Serve your fans

Connect with users, know about their doubts and share your contents to help solving them. This way you will awake real interest in your prospects.


Authority in social media 

Become a reference in your sector in social networks, both for your customers and for other companies among the competition.


Alua Hotels & Resorts

Help the hotel chain to create its own definition applicable to a new concept of hotel chain, with one challenge: design a strategy that conveys its characteristic concept of hospitality in a coherent way to all its customers (both B2C and B2B).