Seduce your visitors using video marketing

    The strategies for the success of a company, more than ever before, are going through the production of real-time contents, immediate shares, photos, links and videos to be published on social platforms and other relevant channels.

    Talking in particular about the video format, nowadays it is even easier to create and share this type of content and its success drives companies to invest more and more in its production.

    YouTube, in facts, is the second search engine by number of queries after Google. This means that your clients, no matter what your industry or sector is, spend a lot of time watching videos and they also consider this support a valuable and easy-to-use source of information.

    By choosing to implement a video marketing strategy for your company, you will be able to take advantage of this powerful tool and generate incredible engagement results.

    If you are still unsure about starting to use this amazing instrument for your business, these are interesting facts you might need to know:

    • This audiovisual support offers greater credibility and retains users on your page for a longer time (x4).
    • Video marketing improves positioning and is useful for the purchase decision (90%).
    • Only 20% of visitors to a website read the entire textual information of the page, while 80% of those same visitors watch the video that is offered.


    Last but not least, videos are highly measurable contents and offer detailed monitoring options which can make your company understand the behavior of its target audience by analyzing the interaction with the support, the viewing time and shares.

    At Amara, we create videos that inspire and have a positive impact. We use the key points of your brand and generate, through great stories, an imaginative scenario in which to connect emotionally with your customers and gain their attention.



    Through a well-shot video and with high-quality and optimised images, you will get more attention from your clients. 



    By choosing the right images and sounds, your video will awake the emotions that will entertain the user form its beginning to the end.



    Use the video to position your company on Google and make user spend more time on your website.



    Video marketing anticipates the experience. With videos from one minute to a minute and a half we generated confidence and it was a comfortable, entertaining and very attractive way to get the message to tourists. The ideal means to stimulate emotions and transmit sensations.


    Why should you do video marketing?

    The power of video marketing lies in its typology of content format. In fact, video is a versatile and attractive support, easy to share on multiple platforms and that entertains and engages users. In addition, making video marketing offers a potentially huge return on investment (ROI) through many channels. According to Google, almost 50% of web users search for a video before visiting a store and a study from Hubspot 2018 says that 43% of consumers want to see more video content.

    On what platforms should you use your videos?

    When we talk about video marketing and channels to take advantage of this type of content in general, the conversation tends to refer directly to the YouTube platform. Besides, we can use this support in many other places such as the corporate website and social networks. The most important thing to do is to always adapt the video to the platform we use, to disseminate it properly in terms of duration, language, graphics and all the editable features tailored to the strategic needs./p>

    Is it profitable to conduct video campaigns?

    Using video support can increase the reach and acquisition of customers for the company on a massive scale, compared to other marketing media. If we consider its Customer Lifetime Value (all the benefits that Video Marketing will generate regarding customers), using videos can be very profitable. At the beginning, we hypothesize obtaining a direct return on investment between 1 and 2 (that is, from 1 to 2 € in the additional turnover for each euro invested in the purchase of media). Once this is achieved, the investment can be scaled to increase the reach of the campaigns and increase their profitability.

    What can you do to improve your results?

    Measuring the results of the Video Marketing campaigns and focusing them on the profiles of our buyer personas is a good starting point. Video marketing is the type of strategy that best fits a detailed measurement and continuous improvement. By identifying the correct metrics, we have the possibility to access a lot of information: the time users spend watching the video, the scope of the content, engagement rates, the number of potential customers generated and much more.

    What types of video work best?

    By adapting content, language and creativity, we can use this versatile support in many ways according to your needs. For example, the health sector can take advantage of educational videos and interviews with the clinic team, the tourism sector would have good results with reviews from satisfied customers, live videos and animations while all the others industries can also use vlogs, tutorials, announcements, product demonstrations, etc.