Your website, your business source

    Building a website for your company is the first step to reach an audience that is looking for what you offer and which, for now, is probably buying from your competitors who are already online.

    For many years, businesses around the world shared the common idea that corporate’s pages were just a showcase for products and services to sell. Since the average consumer has evolved, is technologically savvy and has new search patterns, it is essential to develop a new vision and strategy.

    Your potential customers seek solutions to their problems. Our mission for your company is to answer their questions and provide suggestions through this powerful tool, developed specifically for your business.

    When we put our know-how at your service to create a new website, we do not only take care of its aesthetics, we also use all our expertise to make it a true revenue generator.

    To be performative, your website needs to be designed following the Mobile-First Google’s characteristics, be responsive, load fast, include proper contact/landing pages to increase conversions, take care of conditions of use and cookies, rely on a https secure protocol, etc.

    To have a successful website for your company you do not need to know everything about it, nor be able to build it.

    Our mission is to help all kind of businesses to create an Internet platform adapted to the new vision of the client. Positioning yourself as an expert in front of your prospects and lead them to choose you among your competitors.

    Start today to build your next powerful Marketing tool and make your business flourish with Amara.


    Attract your audience 

    Nowadays, there are still organizations oriented only towards administrative management. It is time to take the next step: the new scope is to address the client, create value that differentiates you from the competition and highlights your products.


    Design your conversion points

    Create your conversion tunnels: these elements help the conversion process to be more efficient, guiding your client to go further in the purchase process.


    Target your commercial department

    Conversion tunnels will allow your prospects to reach your commercial department before finishing the sales process and to carry out a more exhaustive follow-up of what your clients need.


    Líneas Romero

    Build an own channel of promotion and sale, reposition the products to improve the customer experience, differentiate from the competition to maintain leadership. In short, offer a better service and faster, taking advantage of different tools and digital strategies.


    Booking increased


    Increase in visibility


    Top 10 keywords


    What are web design and development?

    Design and development are two fundamental tasks highly related to the success of a website. Designing implies the creation of a style that adapts to the necessities of a business or company, while the developing takes care of the aesthetic and functional considerations through operations such as the layout building. Both can be finalized using different programs such as WordPress and Hubspot.

    Why is an ad hoc web development important?

    A successful website development should aim to communicate all about the services and/or products we offer and provide relevant and necessary information, to better highlight the qualities of your company that distinguish it from competitors. In this process, it is fundamental to spread this message through high quality images and a general presentation designed to charm potential clients, to make your product as attractive and appealing as possible.

    What are the requirements of web development?

    There are many features that web development should account, among these the fundamental ones are: Mobile First and adaptation for SEO, accessibility for all users, well-designed content, responsive development with fast loading times, good bugs management, use of canonical tags and optimal user experience.

    How does the development process work?

    A quality web development implies a set of efforts, not only from the design department but also from other professionals in the sector. By identifying the type of audience we want to reach, we focus on developing profiles of buyer personas which helps us with SEO On Page. Development provides directives as well, for an ad hoc design focused on the needs of your audience segments and their online habits and generally improves their browsing experience.

    Should the web development be responsive?

    Yes, being responsive is an essential characteristic. A website with design of this type is a site that can adapt to the screen and devices that users prefer, regardless of its original features. If our website is responsive and adapts automatically, we can provide the user a better browsing experience and this will assure a series of easily verifiable SEO benefits.