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    Acquisition of assets for hotel companies

    Increase the number and quality of hotel asset proposals that come to you through our solution 

    The hotel sector is expanding more and more and we find it difficult to obtain hotel assets that incorporate the hotel chain as a rental or management modality. Is this the case of your company? Indeed, it is a challenge to locate interesting assets that really want to reach a rental or management agreement. However, the major national and international brands are still finding new projects. Why? Because they have powerful brands that attract the owners of these assets. What can you do in this situation? How can you increase your company chances?

    The same techniques of Inbound marketing that we use to attract clients can be used to improve the reputation of the company in front of the owners of these assets and capture more and better proposals. Through these Inbound marketing techniques we can increase the positive reputation of the company and generate content that attracts value proposals.


    Which is our solution?

    • Definition of buyer-persona (typology of owners)
    • Definition of the recruitment objectives
    • Design and development of the website, oriented to positioning and recruitment
    • Development of content to connect with the owner and generate positive reputation through various supports
    • Realization of online campaigns
    • Planning and management of online advertising investment

    Generate value

    Assets appreciate content that gives them value. Attract your assets with valuable content to get a positive reputation in front of your audience.


    Optimize your resources

    Having a website aimed specifically at attracting you will achieve better results and save efforts.


    Capture more assets

    With the Inbound you will attract more qualified owners who want to offer you proposals with higher quality.


    Fergus Hotels

    The objective of this project has been to give online visibility to a newly created website for a very specific niche, attracting qualified visitors interested in specific content that end up becoming contacts and potential opportunities.


    Monthly leads




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