The personal brand of the doctor

    The health sector which offers its services through the Internet is experiencing numerous changes at present. If until now the patients looked for answers to their doubts and problems, now they want that content to be better, and that it comes from sources of trust, of authorities and professionals of the health sector. This new attitude towards online content has also reached search engines such as Google, which are now more demanding to position the websites of clinics in their results.

    If the brand of your clinic is already defined and differentiates you in the sector, how can you face this new challenge? Through the development of the personal brand of professionals working in your clinic. The personal brand goes beyond being a method to seek employment or sell products and services individually: the personal brand of a doctor consists of the identity of the worker in relation to their own professional development in the sector and their personal development. You can get your employees to become authorities within the health sector, and through the development of their individual identity they can add more value to your clinic.

    To achieve successful personal brand development, it is necessary to have an online strategy appropriate to the profile of each of your employees, their goals and their interests. Our solution is ready to develop a personal brand suitable for your professionals.



    Turn your professionals into authorities

    Make your workers create their own circles in the health sector. This way they can start creating their own identity through contents that are not directly related to your clinic.


    Reach new segments

    The growth of your employees' personal brand can bring a better image to your clinic. Your audience will not only know the value of your clinic for your services, but also for the team of professionals that form it.


    Provide more value to your brand

    The growth of your employees' personal brand can bring a better image to your clinic. Your audience will not only know the value of your clinic for your services, but also for the team of professionals that form it.


    Clínica Pronova

    The objective was to continue increasing the number of visits in the long term and improving the qualification of their contacts so that they become real sales opportunities, through a sustainable and satisfactory system for the client.


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    Sales increase


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    What is a personal brand?

    A personal brand is the identity of a worker in relation to their professional and personal development. For years it was used as a process of seeking employment or selling individual services, while today professionals work on their own brand even if they are working in a company.

    Will the brand of my clinic be affected?

    Yes, but the impact does not have to be negative. If the professional carries out a good care and dedication to their own professional development, it can be beneficial to the image of your clinic and its growth in the health sector.

    What can the personal brand bring to my company?

    The personal brand of your professionals can increase the recognition by potential customers and even increase your sales. Your online profile as health authority will attract more visitors to your individual contents as well as attract them to your clinic's website.

    Why should I work on my employees' personal brand?

    Currently, search engines such as Google are increasing their demand for health websites. In the case of the great search engine Google, when it comes to providing visibility to health websites, it appreciates more the content of better quality, real information and sources of authority. That is why highlighting the role of the professionals in your clinic and promoting their personal and professional development will help to create their profile as an authority on the Internet..

    And how can I start to develop a doctor's personal brand?

    The biggest impact at present is through the Internet. With a social media strategy led by marketing professionals you can start creating your employees' online reputation.