Implementation of employer branding

    Increase the number and quality of candidates through our employer branding solution


    In certain sectors, attracting new talent is essential to ensure the proper development of operations and the sustainability of the company. Perhaps acquiring these talents can’t be based only on economic rewards.

    What can I do in this situation? How can I increase the employer branding of my company? Should I leave this operation to third parties, candidates, employees and former workers?

    Without a doubt, no. The same techniques of growth marketing that we use to attract clients can be used to improve the reputation of the company in the labor market and attract more and better talent.

    Our solution allows human resources departments to define and develop strategies to attract talent in the medium and long term, beyond employment calls through online and offline media.

    Through inbound marketing techniques we can increase the positive reputation of the company and generate contents to attract valuable candidates.

    Creation of a company channel of recruitment

    Creation of a company owned channel to recruit candidates which is independent from the usual platforms and channels.

    What is our solution?

    • Definition of buyer personas (typology of workers)
    • Definition of the objectives associated with employer branding
    • Design and development of the specific website, oriented to positioning and recruitment
    • Preparation of content to connect with the candidate and generate positive reputation through various supports
    • Realization of online campaigns
    • Planning and management of online advertising investment

    Creation of a personal work strategy in social networks

    We create a unique strategy making your employees the real protagonists. This generates proximity with customers and also with the candidates.


    Increase in reputation and job attractiveness

    A company that is interested in the personal and professional training of its employees generates a very good reputation for the public.


    Decrease talent acquiring’s costs

    Decrease the costs of hiring offers in job seeking platforms.