You get leads, but your closing ratios are not adequate?

Your website generates great leads and you already have a database with a large audience to sell your products to. However, the proportion of closed sales does not equal the number of leads you have and this hinders the growth of your business. If closing sales is becoming an arduous task, now is the time for you to take the initiative and work on improving your closing ratios.

To achieve better ratios, it is necessary to analyse different aspects, from the company's objectives to the techniques used to close agreements. Having an advisory is an ideal method to study if those objectives are adjusted to the market and organisation, as well as the functioning of the sales team.

We know very well the importance of profitability and the viability of a business, so we offer our services which are aimed at improving both your sales team and the closure of sales.


Give a new approach to your sales team

Nowadays clients are looking for more than salespeople; they look for trusted professionals with authority in their sector. This is the time to place your salespeople as authentic specialists.


Redefine your business

If your company is experiencing difficulties in closing sales, you must think of new strategies to align your teams, agreeing to achieve certain objectives. For example, rethinking the buyer persona or redefining the conversion funnels.


Adapt to your new sales system

After analyzing the situation of your sales, you can adjust your new strategy to your vision and also to the current situation of your company.


Clínica Pronova

Creation of profiles of buyer personas (potential clients) that allows a better implementation of the strategies; SEO positioning with the creation of specific positioning pages; Development of a content strategy for your blog, social networks and email marketing.


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Sales increase


Return On Investment