Generate more leads with higher quality

You already receive a number of visits to your website, but this number is not the same as the number of people who end up as your leads. In order to achieve a greater uptake of leads it is necessary to work on three important factors.

One is to check if the content of your website is focused around your target leads. The SEO of your website must be defined by your buyer personas and by the needs and interests of your current customers. The second is to improve the quality of your content: work on eBooks, templates, webinars and content that interests your ideal customers.

Finally, check if the design of your website complies with the conversion funnels that you have defined. The creation of landing pages should facilitate the conversion as well as the inclusion of audio-visual content, such as video marketing.

Generating leads is not easy and that is why we offer you our services, so that your website complies with these factors and provides you with better strategies to capture leads.


Optimise your conversion funnels

If your funnels are not working, it's time to review them and then adapt them to your new strategies.


Perform design tests

Experimenting with call to actions will allow you to find out what are the most valuable points on your website to obtain conversions.


Increase your leads


Check that conversion methods will speed up your sales process, which will get you leads faster.


Clínica Pronova

Creation of profiles of buyer personas (potential clients) that allows a better implementation of the strategies; SEO positioning with the creation of specific positioning pages; Development of a content strategy for your blog, social networks and email marketing.


First appointments


Sales increase


Return On Investment