Increase your rate of repeat customers and create lasting relationships between your brand and your guests through an intuitive and flexible Loyalty Program Software

    Encourage your guests to repeat their stay at your hotel, offering products that they can not refuse through a complete and customizable loyalty software. A loyal customer becomes a promoter of your brand and there is no better way to retain a guest than by using loyalty program software and offering a loyalty plan full of advantages.

    Reward your repeat clients and make their stay unforgettable. With the Amara Loyalty Platform you will have all the guest information: regarding their stay, their tastes and their preferences.

    Consult and manage the evolution of each guest individually and create and design different loyalty plans adapted to your hotel.

    Allow your guests to know their progress within the program so that they would want to increase their category on the gamification scale. Save time when configuring the benefits associated with each loyalty plan. You can work with points system, discounts and buy per get.

    Revolutionize your loyalty marketing strategies today.

    Strengthen the relationship between your hotel and your guests.

    Increase the loyalty rate and the lifetime value of your guests.


    The best way to manage the loyalty programs of your hotel. Easy and flexible

    Consult and manage the evolution of each member in different programs. Design and create different loyalty programs quickly with business rules adapted to your hotel and with gamification mechanisms.


    Guest loyalty programs

    Power profitable actions that boost the loyalty of guests with points, discounts or buy per get. Set the rewards that you want to associate with your loyalty programs so that guests can consume them with a simple click..


    Revolutionize your marketing strategies

    Motivate your guests to come back. Increase the Guest lifetime value. Encourage the evangelizers of your brand.


    Alua Hotels & Resorts

    Creation of a brand for the loyalty club that would show Alua's clients the advantages of associating, in addition to customizing the PrivyLoyalty software with the agreed-upon programs and making the integration with the HubSpot CRM chosen by the chain to execute the Appropriate direct marketing strategies.