A solution for SME growth

    During the last years we have witnessed an authentic revolution: a new digital revolution where technology is the protagonist. The new powerful tools provided by this change are not limited to big companies and organizations but are indeed helpful for all types of businesses, no matter what their size is.

    To fully enter this new reality, it is necessary for SMEs to start a digital transformation, a concept which requires something more than the mere creation of a website.

    The speed, volatility and typical competition in the environment of SMEs make traditional marketing solutions have little use. SMEs work in an increasingly demanding market and to respond properly and generate value we need to adapt ourselves to technology, master it and apply it correctly to our business.

    In Amara we aim to work with SMEs facing this challenge and turn them into successful companies. To achieve this objective, we use a varied set of tools and strategies to reach the main goal: obtain new customers.

    We speak the same language as your technical departments, but we feel also very comfortable with the company's development team, providing know-how and working together. We understand the challenges faced by small and medium-sized companies, such as yours, that is why we have services for SMEs that will help you define your enterprise in this new digital era.



    It's time to abandon traditional marketing and build your company with the latest trends in marketing.


    Build your unique value proposition

    From the study of your competence to your assets and your future projects, we will help you find an authentic way to create value.


    Enhance loyalty 

    Improving sales means more than acquiring new customers. Take care of your audience, make them part of your identity.


    Lens Europe

    Introduction of a new unknown product in the European healthcare market. To present it to specialists in the health sector and start generating sales opportunities, an Inbound Marketing strategy was carried out.




    Monthly leads


    Closed contracts




    What is digital transformation?

    The digital transformation of a company represents a business opportunity for companies achievable through the internet and technological tools. The great impact of the internet in different markets means that every company must face technological change if they want to keep pace with the new trends of users. This also includes small and medium enterprises.

    Is it enough to create a website for my company?

    It is not enough to create a website. Few years ago, a website consisted of an online showcase of the products and services of a company, but nowadays the website is one of the essential pillars of every online marketing strategy. This website is the main tool to attract visitors and turn them into sales opportunities, so it is essential that its design and development meet the objectives of your online marketing campaign.

    What is your solution for SMEs?

    Our solution consists of preparing a system for your company to attract more leads or sales opportunities, transform them into customers and generate more incomes, all from the digital transformation of your SME. Our goal is to prepare your business to offer value at the right time with the help of our marketing expertise.

    What is the key to an effective and effective marketing campaign?

    The key is in the alignment of your marketing strategies with the satisfaction of the needs of your buyer or potential customer, depending on the stage you are in the customer's journey (awareness, consideration and decision) and the funnel of sales (top, middle or bottom), so all your efforts have to be directed and focused on capturing individuals with their characteristics.

    Will the digital transformation of my SME help me grow?

    Yes. Your company will be capable to adapt to new trends and technologies to meet your customers’ needs and will also be able to base all its business online, which will become your main attraction and scope of client creation.