Software Pre-Checkin & Upsell for hotels

    Economize processes, improve the satisfaction of your guests and increase your income up to 10% with the help ot our Pre-Checkin & Upsell software

    Get to know your guests regardless of the booking channel they have used. Thanks to the Pre-Checkin & Upsell software, the guest will be able to send all their data to your hotel with one click, thus speeding up the checkin process upon arrival.

    By having all the information of the guest prior to their arrival (even though the booking was made through OTA's or tour operator), you can start building up guest's loyalty even before their stay.

    The platform also allows you to offer complementary products to the stay at the hotel, so that the guests can plan their holidays in detail before their arrival. Take this opportunity to increase your revenues of each booking, offering upsell products to the guests prior to their stay.

    Through personalized emails and call-to-action buttons on your website, we will reach all your guests, even if they did not book directly on your website.

    Speed up and economize front-desk processes, improve guest experience and satisfaction, anticipate data collection through pre-checkin and increase your income with an intelligent upsell tool. And everything from the same platform.

    Start working today with Amara's Pre-Checkin & Upsell software, multi-device and integrated with your PMS.

    Increase revenue through smart upsell

    Thanks to the information provided by the guests at the pre-checkin, the system offers personalized and dynamic services and products intelligently to each guest, regardless of the booking channel.


    Speed up and economize front-desk processes

    Less work for the reception team. Let your reception staff focus on what is truly important: giving the best service to guests.


    Anticipate the collection of information

    All guests who come from intermediaries and who do precheckin, offer valuable information in advance, while now hotels receive it only the day guests arrive.


    Improve guest satisfaction

    Bring to an end the complaints in the hotel and in the social media, provoked by the queues and long check-in process.


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