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    Alegria Hotels: the differentiation in the hotel sector

    We prepared a graphic image that would complete the Alegria Hotels branding strategy to differentiate it from the competition in the eyes of consumers of the tourism sector.

    Alegria Hotels

    Alegria Hotels is a hotel chain founded in 2012 with headquarters in Santa Susanna (Barcelona). This young hotel chain has 18 hotels of category 3 and 4 stars spread across the main tourism areas of the Spanish coast. The hotels are located in Catalonia, Valencian Community, Murcia and Andalusia: Costa Cálida, Costa Azahar Costa de la Luz, Costa de Barcelona, Costa del Sol and Costa de Almería. The vocation of Almeria Hotels is to achieve excellence in service to customers who choose the Spanish coast as their holiday destination.

    Its offer of experiences is based on an excellent quality-price ratio, facilities of the appropriate quality, and a personalized attention to the guests. The experiences include the services for Families, Adults Only, Spa, Golf and Cycling. The values of Alegria Hotels demonstrate their belief in the local culture of the destination where their establishments are located, their commitment to quality, innovation and training of their professional team, and their environmental responsibility.

    The Challenge
    The Solution

    The Challenge

    Until a few years ago, consumers in the tourism sector were not so demanding with tourist establishments. The hotel chains did not see the need to specialize their offer as there was no such demand. The clients chose their holiday destinations considering several factors: the prices, the location of the hotel and the experiences they offered (sun and beach, city, wellness, etc.). However, this absence of demand disappeared after the new factors that conditioned the way hotels sell: the rise of the Internet has brought a drastic change in customer behaviour and the saturation of companies in the hotel sector.

    Given this new situation in the tourism sector, the demand from customers has become much greater than in the past: it is no longer enough to comply with basic conditions to attract customers to establishments, consumers want to live unique experiences that would give them value. In order to adapt to the new pace of the tourism sector, differentiating is essential for a hotel chain. Customers encounter a multitude of tourist brands, and if consumers identify with the values they transmit, they will opt for one brand or another. The brand brings together the image and intangible values of an organization. That is why branding has gained greater importance today in the hotel sector.

    The logo, the claim, the corporate colours, the values ... all these factors have to reflect the branding strategy of any hotel establishment. And for these factors to get the message of your company to consumers, it is essential to make a correct application of all of them in the communication strategy of the organization. Without a correct application of the brand in all its formats, the brand will not arrive homogeneously to the target audience, and it will not be possible to reach the objective of differentiation from the competition.

    Alegria Hotels had intangible values, a defined mission and identity. But to transmit all these factors, one more element was still required to convey its differentiating message to consumers: a graphic image that served to convey the personality of Alegria Hotels through its graphic communication and in all its applications. A coherent, homogeneous graphic image favours the social identification of the company. The challenge of Alegria Hotels was to obtain a graphic image that managed to transmit the commitment of the hotel chain with its values of quality, innovation and expansion, along with creating a global message for all its tourist establishments and in all existing applications.


    We presented the technique to build the logos of the hotels registered in different sub-brands of Alegria Hotels product. This exhibition includes a vertical and a horizontal version, a version of the Exclusive label, another one for the logo of the Apartments of the chain, and a logo for those hotels that do not fit within the product segmentation.


    A graphic style associated with the brand

    We have managed to define a graphic style that differentiates the company and that is transmitted in all its applications. Thus, we have built a homogenous and differentiating graphic identity.


    Implemented services



    Who does not already have a 'logo'? But does your brand transmit your values? To which extent does it do it? Is it aligned with your potential client?


    Define/differentiate my organization

    Your company has something special and unique. By not identifying and manage it, you lose opportunities.