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    A solid brand that transmits the intangible values of Alua Hotels & Resorts

    This success story consisted in the development of the brand identity of Alua Hotels & Resorts that consistently reflected the attributes of the chain and its characteristic concept of hospitality.

    Alua Hotels & Resorts

    Alua is a young hotel chain with a vocation to acquire and manage hotel establishments. With the intention of focusing on the Spanish holiday market, it concentrates its activities in the Balearic and Canary Archipelagos and on the Mediterranean Coast.

    The chain offers beach holidays, modern, unique and fun. It creates a cosy atmosphere by reforming hotels and repositioning them in the market. Alua designs, in a flexible way, a customized solution for each hotel so that it differentiates from other hotels of the market.

    Aware of the expectations of its customers, Alua works on innovation and implementation of tools and resources necessary to get to know the preferences and needs of its customers and to keep up with the best customer service practices to reinforce their reputation and positioning in the market.

    The Challenge
    The Solution

    The Challenge

    Currently the tourism sector is undergoing an important change: the change in consumer behaviour due to the rise of the Internet and the saturation of businesses in the tourism market. Given the wide range of hotel establishments, consumers go to the Internet to investigate each hotel chain and find the necessary information. Customers are no longer interested only in the prices or the location of the hotel, they want to find the experiences that suit their interests, which is a new challenge for hotels as it requires a further differentiation from the competition.

    The first impression of the differentiation of an establishment reaches customers through the hotel brand. Consumers are exposed to a multitude of tourist brands, and each of these brands generate different feelings and thoughts that help building the image of each establishment. The clients choose one or another brand depending on their identification with the values of the company. That is why it is essential to develop a brand that transmits the intangible values of the hotel chain in a clear and coherent manner and through appropriate communication. If you want to create a positive link with the customer from the first moment, the message of the hotel should reach consumers without distortions.

    Alua Hotels & Resorts is a young hotel chain, but with a team with more than 20 years of experience in the hotel sector. The team has values based on the experience in management of its founders. With a team of professionals who know the needs of the tourism market and solid values, it is essential that the chain has a brand that transmits all that experience that exists behind its name, since it is its most powerful differentiator. The challenge of Alua Hotels & Resorts was to build a solid and coherent brand that would represent its characteristic vision of hospitality and all its attributes, and that would be transmitted in a homogeneous manner through all the channels that Alua Hotels uses for communicating with consumers.


    Graphic resources that transmit the values of Alua

    One of our solutions was the creation of a symbol, which represents the phases of the moon, and whose function is to accompany the titles and outstanding texts. The second proposed graphic resource was a selection of frames for use in funds. These plots represent the natural elements visible at night: the sea, the stars and the moon. In this way, the frames reinforce the idea that gives rise to the brand and its image.


    Communication with a solid and global image

    Thanks to the monitoring of the rules to achieve the balance of the brand in all its applications, Alua has improved its communication system sending a homogeneous image, solid and without distortions, so that its message clearly reaches its customers.


    Implemented services


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