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    CRM integration and automation success story

    A CRM software integration success case with the booking engine of web and PMS, which has included the development of a strategy aimed at understanding and satisfying the needs of its contacts. This is thanks to the information obtained on purchasing behaviour to automate the work of direct marketing.

    Alua Hotels & Resorts

    Alua is a young hotel chain with the task of acquiring and managing hotel establishments. With the intention of focusing on the Spanish holiday market, it concentrates its activities in the Balearic and Canary Islands as well as across the Mediterranean coast.

    The chain offers a beach holiday which is modern, unique and fun. Creating cosy atmospheres by reforming hotels and repositioning them in the market. They design, in a flexible way, a customised solution for each hotel that differs in each market that it is in.

    Aware of the expectations of its customers, Alua works on the innovation and implementation of tools and resources necessary to understand their needs and preferences, implementing the best customer service practices to reinforce their reputation and positioning in the market.

    The Challenge
    The Solution

    The Challenge

    Today, the most important asset of a business, especially in the tourism sector, is your client. However, the acquisition and preservation of contacts, sales opportunities and reservations is a complex task for hotels today. On one hand, there is high competitiveness in the sector; on the other hand, a dispersion of contacts of clients with the hotel chain hinders the communication of their patterns of behaviour as consumers.

    The formula of any successful hotel company on the Internet is the thorough knowledge of the needs of their prospects during their shopping cycle, which we have come to know as the traveller's journey, without which it is impossible to implement communication, conversion and retention strategies that continue to achieve results long term However, the follow-up of the clients throughout their cycle is increasingly complicated for marketing and sales departments without the use of the appropriate tools, especially since the implementation of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

    Therefore, Alua Hotels & Resorts, as a young chain that acquired hotels with an inherited guest base and with common challenges in the sector, was aware of its need to collect clean data of its clients from different sources and contact channels, to store them in a single place and manage them with a single tool. A tool that allows for analysis of the different phases of your clients' cycle (decision-making process, time of booking, the stay and return) to implement the most appropriate marketing and sales strategies that will easily adapt to new data protection regulations.


    CRM software for hotels is a fundamental tool

    Nowadays it is essential to have a CRM in order to address the challenges of the industry and the demands of an increasingly digital customer, because thanks to the information analyzed from the same place it is possible to personalize the content and messages of the hotel chain, ensuring the suitability and legality of these at all times.


    Personalization of the information included in each contact profile

    The HubSpot CRM not only allows you to personalize the information that is included and displayed for each registered contact, but also has tracking tools that allow you to document the user's browsing history on the chain's website and on social networks, and monitor their interactions obtaining analytical results in marketing and sales dashboards.

    Implemented services


    CRM Strategy

    Define which information I want to have, which sources I will get it from and how I will get the most out of it.


    Implant a hotel CRM

    If you have already defined your strategy, let's move on to the next phase: implement the tool that will serve as support.