Clínica Dental Pronova: Growth Marketing success story

    The objective of this project was to increase the number of visits and improve the qualification of our client's leads so that they become sales opportunities through a sustainable, scalable and satisfactory system.

    Pronova Dental Clinic

    Clínica Pronova is a dental clinic with 21 years of experience, located in Palma de Mallorca and wants to become a reference of professionalism on the island. They are characterised by the development of dental solutions to complex oral problems through a multidisciplinary approach, with their most distinguishing features being the use of minimally invasive techniques and modern technologies.

    In addition, the clinic has a team of highly specialised professionals who are dedicated to each dental service and who also devote special attention to the doubts and needs of their patients. Working day by day to achieve excellence, the clinic maintains a firm commitment to innovation, technology, the highest quality in its services and a personal touch.

    The Challenge
    The Solution

    The Challenge

    The rise of communication technologies influence the behaviour of consumers and their position in the purchase cycle. In fact, the Internet is their main source of information as it is here where their doubts are solved, where they can interact with different channels (websites and social network platforms where they can explore products and services) and where they produce their own content (for example, through ratings and reviews).


    It is therefore not surprising that to reach this new audience, companies from all sectors, particularly in the health sector, have opted for digitalisation. However, the more the market grows on the internet, the more difficult it becomes to stand out among other clinics. To attract more users, it is necessary to drive a message that makes clear your positioning and the way that you differentialise yourself in the market.


    Clínica Pronova had already carried out online marketing campaigns. However, the quantitative results did not have satisfactory results in terms of quality. Their challenge was to therefore increase not only the number of visits, but to improve the quality of their contacts; implementing a long-term strategy that would allow real sales opportunities to be achieved in a sustainable, scalable and satisfactory manner.


    Growth marketing strategy

    Our objective was to devise a strategy focused on the generation of qualified leads that would improve customer conversion rates and translate into sustained growth for the clinic. In this case, the best solution was to implement a Growth Marketing strategy that would make a difference at the local level.


    Exponential increase of visits generated on the website

    The efforts in SEO, together with the implementation of improvements in the content strategy and the restructuring of the sitemap of the clinic's website have helped us to multiply visits by 140.


    Implemented services


    Solutions suitable for healthcare

    An integral solution for clinics that is modulated according to the objectives and resources of the company. Presence and generation of business.


    Inbound Marketing

    The user has evolved to a third phase in the use of the internet. Now they ask for answers to your questions and lots of quick information.


     Content creation

    Content is the starting point of any digital strategy. Creating interesting, reliable and authoritative content will make them winners.


    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Fundamental technique to generate traffic, will provide visitors more interested in our product and with higher conversion rate.


    Paid advertising

    Define in which ways where to make the investment, correctly structure the campaigns, search terms and messages.


    Website development

    We leave behind the website era as a vitrine. The website is already the point of contact with the customer, sales and service.