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    Balearic Lighthouses Website becomes a point of authority for residents and visitors to the islands

    Our project was based on the creation of a website which provided information on the cultural and historical heritage of the Port Authority, so that the organisation would gain notoriety as a point of authority in the Balearics.

    Port Authority

    The ‘Autoridad Portuaria de Baleares’ (APB) or Port of Authority is a public body which was created in 1992 and is based in Palma de Mallorca. The organisation was created by the Spanish State and falls under the Ministry of Development, but has its own legal identity and assets. The organisations within the Port Authority include port management for those with general interest in Spain. The APB manages the five ports considered of general interest in the Balearic Islands: the ports of Palma and Alcudia in Mallorca, Mahon in Menorca, Port of Ibiza and La Savina in Formentera.

    The APB has the task of managing the state ports in the Balearic Islands. These ports generate great economic benefits for its transportation of goods as well as the entry and exit of people; thus making them a strategic point for society and the island’s economy. Its services are therefore aimed at businesses and citizens, and apart from the management and administration of the Balearic ports, it publishes annual reports on the financial status and port activities.

    The Challenge
    The Solution

    The Challenge

    Every organisation, regardless of their activity, cites visibility in the market as one of their main concerns. Gaining exposure is an important challenge for many companies who want to build a target audience and, with sales, make their business grow. This challenge has grown since the rise in popularity of the Internet, which in recent years has become a digital platform for companies. However, every organisation must have their own identity and brand awareness; something that involves much more than sales.

    Despite being a public body, the APB did not have a strong identity which connected them to the Balearic community beyond commercial activity. While the management of the island’s ports is an essential task for economic activity, the APB wanted to find a way to foster a closer relationship with the community. The approach was based on a desire to demonstrate that the port industry is more than just transporting goods and citizens.

    The APB has an important historical and cultural heritage; age-old buildings that contain, in addition to port activity, the history of the Balearics, such as the well-known Fuerte de San Carlos in Mallorca. Some of its most important buildings are lighthouses, which reflect the island’s history. For this reason they have high cultural value, both in their construction and for the way that they inspire photography.

    Spain has long been an important commercial maritime, with a total of 187 lighthouses scattered along its coast, 60 of them still being operational. In recent years, efforts to make lighthouses attractive to tourists has been implemented so that they remain active whether they are operational or not.

    The APB has 34 lighthouses in the Balearic Islands, which they saw as an opportunity to get closer to the Balearic society; transforming the lighthouses into new tourist attractions. Their idea was to create an online platform dedicated specifically to providing information to citizens about the lighthouses scattered around the islands. To carry out this initiative, it was necessary to have an innovative proposal that, in addition to providing value, would act as a powerful communication tool between the APB, residents and visitors to the island.


    The result is to have given birth to a unique portal in the world, which gathers a material of incalculable value that until now had never been exhibited publicly. 

    Such has been the impact that generated interest from the European Union itself to consider a similar project for other parts of the continent.


    The creation of an application for cycling routes for mobile devices (Ruta.FarsdeBalears.com)

    These routes were prepared for the bicycle trip from one lighthouse to another, showing details such as the distance in kilometers, the duration of the journey and the difficulty.


    Implemented services


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