Fergus Hotels: Lead generation success story

    The objective of this project was to give visibility to a newly created website which is tailored towards a very specific niche. Another objective was to attract quality visitors who are interested in content related to their business and that end up becoming contacts and potential clients.

    Fergus Hotels Expansion

    The Expansion division at FERGUS Hotels is a young hotel company based in Palma de Mallorca which is dedicated to the management of leasing and purchasing three- and four-star vacation hotels. They have more than 100 rooms in Costa de la Luz (Cádiz), the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Costa del Sol and Levante. As operators, they provide a brand for your chain, as well as operational experience that is necessary for optimal management.

    Within its business activity, the Expansion division is characterised by improving hotels that it manages and adapting to the needs and preferences of guests. This is in aim of converting hotels into four-star or four-star superior hotels.

    The difference between FERGUS and its competitors is the personalisation that they maintain with the hotel owners and the de-standardisation of the product. At Fergus a study is carried out on each hotel acquired on its individually, so that the improvements implemented differ from one hotel to another and focus on the values of the hotel.  

    The Challenge
    The Solution

    The Challenge

    The digitisation of businesses is a reality. Every day users perform searches on the Internet and know how to recognise reliable sources of information. However, to consolidate oneself as an authority in the sector, you need visibility, especially when the you have a very niche audience.

    For this reason, small companies who want to explore the possibilities that exist in the online world must use marketing strategies that position them in search engines, but also as an expert. SEO positioning should be based on a quality content strategy that allows not only to attract, but also retain the most interested users.

    With this in mind, FERGUS Expansion trusted that a strategy focused on the attraction, retention and conversion of qualified users was as essential as the creation of a website. This would allow them to differentiate their line of business from a chain and work on scalable marketing actions to generate leads in the medium and long term.


    Following the methodology of Inbound Marketing, profiles of buyer persona (potential clients) were created to allow a better implementation of different joint strategies.


    Thanks to the work done of SEO positioning both on the blog and on the website with specific pages and qualified content, 52 keywords related to the business activity have been positioned on the first page of the SERPs.


    Implemented services


    Capture of fixed assets

    In the new phases of the tourism sector, it is very important to locate assets and manage them as clients to use their potential.


     Content creation

    Content is the starting point of any digital strategy. Creating interesting, reliable and authoritative content will make them winners.


    Website development

    We leave behind the website era as a vitrine. The website is already the point of contact with the customer, sales and service.


    Video Marketing

    Nothing more shocking than an audiovisual. Capture the visitor's attention, prolong visiting time and decrease the bounce rate.


    Inbound Marketing

    The user has evolved to a third phase in the use of the internet. Now they ask for answers to your questions and lots of quick information.


    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Fundamental technique to generate traffic, will provide visitors more interested in our product and with higher conversion rate.