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    Innovation Strategies: to be different in the technological panorama

    This company needed to create a clear and unique message to stand out in the technology sector. We achieve this with a strong DDC branding and strategy project, with very consistent values.

    Innovation Strategies

    Innovation Strategies is a technology company of Digital Services of Critical Mission that offers technological solutions to achieve business objectives. It is a successful enterprise, partner of companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, Dynatrace and Amazon, with relevant clients in the tourism and port sectors. Its team is specialized in the most advanced technologies, among their many services there are working in analytical models and process automation, rapid implementation of web or mobile applications, ideation and definition of digital products.

    Its objective is to reduce the technological complexity for its clients and maximize the value of its business in the world of e-commerce. The key to their success in the sector is in the values their team is loyal to: the commitment to reach the goals of the clients, their interest in the most innovative and creative solutions, the follow-up of the latest trends and methodologies and, especially, the enthusiasm to improve and find the best solutions for clients.

    The Challenge
    The Solution

    The Challenge

    Digital commerce is a constant competition among companies to stand out in their sector. In the technology sector, it is probably an even greater challenge, since they are experts in the field. In such a competitive market in which everyone struggles to be the first one, one of the main problems for many technology companies is their focus on product sales, leaving aside their market positioning.

    At Innovation Strategies they know very well how to carry out difficult technological challenges. Thanks to their experience and passion for innovation, the company achieved upscale clients. However, while becoming a technology company, the organization was not differentiated in the sector, so it did not stand out in the competition. The message they wanted to convey to the public was not defined, as a consequence their assets were not transmitted correctly and the company did not have a homogenous form to use through its different channels and formats.

    In facts, it is vital for any business to create a differentiating message and transmit it through a good communication. On the one hand, employees must know what the company message is, understand it and adapt to it in order to transmit it in a homogeneous way. On the other hand, customers are the best promoters of a business, so it is necessary to convey the same values to all of them. For this difficult but interesting challenge, Innovation Strategies needed help from someone to find their unique features, define a clear message and transmit it through differentiated communication. This is why they counted on us.


    The contents of corporate profile consisted of a textbook for the company and another one for employees. The first book reflected the new corporate presentation of the organization, with information about its identity, its mission, features and clients, as well as the new IS claim (Beside, Behind, Beyond).


    A differentiated brand

    The inclusion of employees as part of the image of the company has generated a better approach to customers, a true image of trust and differentiation from the competition in the sector.


    Implemented services


    Define/differentiate my organization

    Your company has something special and unique. By not identifying and manage it, you lose opportunities.


    Video Marketing

    Nothing more shocking than an audiovisual. Capture the visitor's attention, prolong visiting time and decrease the bounce rate.