Lens gets internationalized using inbound marketing

    Introduction of a new unknown product in the European health market. To present it to specialists in the health sector and start generating sales opportunities, an Inbound Marketing strategy was carried out.

    LENS Europe

    LENS is a method of neurotherapy practiced by OchsLabs Europe, the European headquarters of LENS Neurofeedback located in Palma de Mallorca. This method originated in California (United States) more than 25 years ago from the hand of its creator, Len Ochs, Ph.D, neurophysiologist and doctor in Psychology, and considered one of the pioneers in neurofeedback, a specific method of neurotherapy.

    The neurofeedback method developed by Dr. Len Ochs is called LENS or Low Energy Neurofeedback System. It consists in the modulation of the frequencies of the brain's electrical activity and in the interruption of its dysfunctional patterns. As a result, it achieves a significant improvement and therapeutic benefits for treatments in psychology and medicine. Dr. Len Ochs worked on developing this method since 1975 and in the 1990s he founded his first office in California, under the name of OchsLabs.

    Gemma Roviera and Gonzalo Belaustegui are a couple of professionals with knowledge of neurofeedback, psychology, therapy and coaching. In 2014 they traveled to California, where they met Dr. Len Ochs, and they learned about the LENS Neurofeedback method that had already acquired great fame in the territory. The couple generated great admiration for the method, so they began to train on the development of LENS in more than 2,000 sessions. Gemma and Gonzalo were determined to bring the LENS Neurofeedback to Europe, and that is why they decided to found OchsLabs Europe in 2015.

    The Challenge
    The Solution

    The Challenge

    The health sector is probably one of the most demanding and competitive sectors. Not only by the number of companies that offer the same products and services, but also by the level of specialization required to obtain the trust of the clients. This implies that, in general, there is a global knowledge about the products and services that can be obtained in the market. However, the complexity of entering the health market increases when you want to sell a product or service that is practically unknown.

    Gemma and Gonzalo founded OchsLabs Europe with the desire to sell the LENS method and transmit all their knowledge to specialists in psychology and medicine from all over Europe who would like to learn about the method and apply it in their therapeutic processes. Its mission, then, presented the challenge of reaching a specific and defined sector within the healthcare market, such as qualified healthcare professionals who, in general, do not know the LENS Neurofeedback, and therefore need to know the method as well as a training to make a correct use of the method if they acquire interest.

    The couple understood that this challenge included more than the creation of a website to disseminate information about the product and acquire customers. A challenge such as presenting an unknown product in the European market required more than design and technology, but someone who understood its objective, sell the LENS Neurofeedback, and understand the customer who wanted to arrive, European health specialists.


    Presenting the LENS product in the health sector was a complex process that required training, consulting, its use for specific treatments and for certain health professionals, who were also interested in neurofeedback.

    The Inbound method was the most appropriate, since it is adjusted to the realization of actions focused on educating and training the client.


    Thanks to the ideal adjustment of the Inbound methodology to the challenge of LENS Europe, shortly after the website was published, the client received numerous contacts and budget inquiries for the purchase of the product.


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