The successful digital transformation of Líneas Romero

    The objective of this project consisted in the creation of a responsive website, the creation of buyer-personas, SEO positioning and the implementation of Inbound Marketing to achieve the digital transformation of the company.

    Líneas Romero

    Líneas Romero is a family business dedicated to maritime transport in the Canary Islands, founded in 1930 by Jorge M. Toledo. In 1970, Juan Romero took the management of the company and changed its name; since then the Romero family has been at the head of the company that is based on the island of La Graciosa.

    Líneas Romero was the first postal mail company to make trips between Lanzarote and La Graciosa, and currently offers its regular line services between these islands and Fuerteventura, which has made it the main maritime transport of Lanzarote and one of the most recognized ferry companies in the Canarian archipelago. Apart from its regular ferry lines, it offers excursions and tourist experiences with specialized guides in the Canary Islands: cruises with marine vision, sailing catamarans and various water activities.

    The company offers its services to the island traveller and also for the tourist that seeks to move between islands and is attracted by its offer of experiences. In order to continue reinventing itself in its regular lines and its experiences, the Romero family is committed to new technologies, using fast, modern vessels and implementing the latest technology.

    The Challenge
    The Solution

    The Challenge

    For some years, the tourism sector has been one of the sectors where you can see an endless number of changes to which companies need to adapt. Both consumers and the purchase method have evolved and continue changing continuously due to the great influence of the Internet, which has completely changed the way customers make purchases. Clients have the great amounts of online information where to seek advice, opinions, and even compare the products or services of different companies.

    This means that one of the objectives to join the digital transformation of the tourism sector is to design and create its own digital channel to attract, engage and delight customers, as well as to stand out from the competition and get the target audience to choose us. This process must have a well-defined strategy and actions aimed at each segment of our target audience. The combination of both will attract qualified traffic to the web, increase the number of potential customers, improve the conversion process, etc.

    As this technology leap happened with hotel establishments a few years ago, it is now happening with regular ferry companies. In the traditional tourist trade, customers made their reservations at the physical ticket office, or resorting to tour operators. However, the conventional sale was causing some inconveniences to the company, such as the formation of long lines of customers to acquire their tickets, complications with managing last minute reservations. Travellers choose another company of the competition that does not present these difficulties and facilitate carefree booking process.


    Since the company wanted to increase the number of online bookings, we developed a unique booking engine for the company. This booking engine would be integrated by a great variety of technological tools connected to each other, so that processes could be automated in order to save time.


    Increase of organic visits to the website

    Thanks to our SEO positioning work based on the buyer-personas we prepared for the company, we successfully increased the acquisition of website visitors through organic traffic.


    Implemented services


    Inbound Marketing

    The user has evolved to a third phase in the use of the internet. Now they ask for answers to your questions and lots of quick information.


    Website development

    We leave behind the website era as a vitrine. The website is already the point of contact with the customer, sales and service.


     Content creation

    Content is the starting point of any digital strategy. Creating interesting, reliable and authoritative content will make them winners.


    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Fundamental technique to generate traffic, will provide visitors more interested in our product and with higher conversion rate.