Logitravel: Contents that grant credibility

    The objective of this project is to increase reservations of holiday packages by influencing the decision making of travel consumers through a strategy of quality content with which users can retain the message transmitted by the brand.


    Logitravel.com is an online travel agency (OTA) specialized in the sale of cruises, vacation packages and coastal hotels. Belonging to an International Tourist Group that manages millions of passengers a year offering a transparent and quality service, Logitravel currently has a presence in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Finland and Brazil.

    As a company, its mission is to offer a complete service covering all phases of the customer's travel cycle (traveller's journey) starting from the moment they begin to make searches for their vacations. This process implies offering inspiration in the dreaming phase with access to broad information about destinations, landing to the complementary offers that can be chosen at the booking stage, with the aim of satisfying the needs of its consumers and reaching their expectations.

    Logitravel reached in 2014 a turnover of 514 million euros and registered a total of 62 million unique users. 2.5 million people booked their vacations on their website. Their vision is to be leaders in the distribution of quality tourism services and a reference to follow by their competitors.

    The Challenge
    The Solution

    The Challenge

    The purchase cycle of online travel consumers has relatively complex conversion processes, while users need to access quality information from a trusted source to advance their status (dreaming, planning, booking, experiencing). In general, those travelers who are going to invest a considerable amount of their savings in a trip value the transparency of this information, which is especially relevant before the reservation.

    Therefore, an appropriate content creation and distribution strategy are vital for an online business, such as Logitravel, which not only tries to attract consumers, but also aims to shorten the conversion time between the phases of its buying cycle for consumers (traveler's journey), making itself known in the appropriate channel.

    However, not all content formats, nor all platforms achieve the same engagement and retention. So, how could be possible for Logitravel to convey a motivating message while increasing its online presence and getting more conversions directed towards its website? How to shorten the decision process to advance users to the booking phase?


    Inspiration vs transaction

    Two-minute pieces were made from different selected destinations. In them, an inspirational part was combined with a speech related to the most outstanding areas of the destination, and another transactional part, animated with Motion Graphics that incorporated a CTA's (Call's to Action) to facilitate the conversion to the booking phase.


    Thanks to the implementation of a video marketing strategy, Logitravel managed to obtain:

    More than 2 million views on YouTube in less than three months.

    A remarkable growth of bookings in holiday packages through the website logitravel.com.

    A significant increase in requests for co-marketing actions with respect to the previous year.


    Implemented services


    Content Creation 

    Content is the starting point of any digital strategy. Creating interesting, reliable and authoritative content will make them winners.


    Video Marketing

    Nothing more shocking than an audiovisual. Capture the visitor's attention, prolong visiting time and decrease the bounce rate.