Vilas Tennis Academy's success story

    The objective of this project consists of the development of an organic positioning strategy and attract qualified visits of organic origin, which are the most likely to become new leads.

    Vilas Tennis Academy

    Vilas Tennis Academy is a tennis school in Mallorca founded by former Argentine tennis player Guillermo Vilas, world champion with a list of 62 ATP individual titles and four Grand Slam titles. The values that have defined Vilas as a tennis player are talent, hard work and dedication, characteristics that have led him to found a tennis academy where he transmits his methodology to players of all levels and all ages.

    Vilas Academy is composed of different tennis professionals with official teaching qualifications as well as experience in national and international competitions, but all of them share the same methodology developed by Guillermo Vilas. Without a doubt, what sets Vilas Academy apart from other tennis schools is the discipline that is applied both in physical training and in the importance it gives to the psychological aspect, wishing to transmit the solid values of this sport through the vision of Vilas.

    The Challenge
    The Solution

    The Challenge

    Currently, there are many companies that have decided to make the leap to electronic commerce, because their target audience has acquired a new behaviour regarding the use of the Internet, which in turn has transformed the phases of the purchase cycle. Users find what they need in the search engines: the answer to what exactly the problem or challenge is, the methods to solve it and to find the products and services that can help. They also have all the information about the organizations that are of interest to them. 

    One of the most valued practices in online commerce is the attraction of users through valuable content. Through an adequate SEO strategy, websites can attract the best-prepared users that are likely to become customers. There are studies that show that the organic channel is the one that gives more opportunities to close conversions.

    Vilas Tennis has a national and international target audience, so the contracting of the services of the academy is carried out on the Internet. Considering the importance of acquiring their customers on their website, Vilas Tennis Academy discovered that their organic channel could have even more visits and thus have more opportunities to convert them into customers. In the same way that the website required a better content, considering that it is the portal that provides more information to users about the services of the school, and it is essential to offer the necessary content to close the sales processes.

    The challenge for Vilas Tennis Academy, then, was to increase the number of leads or potential customers, increase the number of visits of users through organic traffic that are more likely to become customers.


    With the purpose of fulfilling the objective established with the client, Amara presented Vilas Tennis Academy with an SEO project proposal in order to improve the organic positioning of its website and to attract new clients through the organic channel. The solution for Vilas Tennis consisted of two major phases: a first phase of Setup, and an Ongoing phase (in development).


    3 months, +43% in Organic Traffic and +37% in Leads comparing to the previous year. 

    In less than 3 months, we have increased the organic traffic of the Vilas website by almost 50% comparing to the SEO efforts a year ago. The efforts of SEO project have focused on 5 regions: the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Russia. In all countries, an increase has been achieved in the visibility and number of positioned keywords: +362% visibility in the UK; +329% visibility in Switzerland; +285% visibility in Sweden.


    Implemented Services


    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Fundamental technique to generate traffic, will provide visitors more interested in our product and with higher conversion rate.


    Website development

    We leave behind the website era as a vitrine. The website is already the point of contact with the customer, sales and service.


     Content creation

    Content is the starting point of any digital strategy. Creating interesting, reliable and authoritative content will make them winners.