Solutions for the tourism sector

Nowadays travelers come to the Internet to inspire themselves and make purchases, that is why tourist brands and companies have to be present if they want to win the hearts, minds and money of their customers, tourists. Hoteliers, OTAs, Agencies, Tour Operators and other enterprises must develop projects and actions to make their offer more valuable to a tourist, taking into account the traveler's journey.



Do you want a marketing strategy that takes into account your customers, the tourists?

Amara will help you improve your results with user-centric services and take into account the new multi-screen reality (from computers to smartphones, passing by tablets).

In all our projects we work from the perspective of the 5 stages of the traveler journey or moments all travelers pass and where they seek answers to specific needs:

1) Dreaming. 37% of travelers think of their vacations at least once a month. Tourist brands can reach these dreamers by sharing unique and exciting stories.

2) Planning. The traveler visits about 20 different websites before making a decision. Tourism companies must work on differentiation and deploy solutions to connect with tourists.

3) Booking. 75% of travelers book their holidays through online channels. Now it is necessary to have a user-friendly website. Also, it is vital to monitor that the keywords of your brand or tourism product are detectable in all online channels.

4) Experiencing. Mobile holiday consultations have grown by 49% since 2014. Here we have to analyze how tourism companies can improve their client's experience in the way that best suits their wishes and make it unique and impactful.

5) Sharing. More than 30% of travelers share their holiday reviews online. Most people make buying decisions because of recommendations from friends and family. It is also the moment to increase your customer's loyalty to motivate him to re-book.