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    Marketing step by step. Attracting leads in technology companies.

    Written by: Anna Bramona

    ¿How can we attract leads? The answer is through a generation of wide content. It is the quintessential content...


    A lead is a person who has entered to our Internet space and provided us with some personal information such as his/her name and email. Nothing else. It may seem little, but that is very important! From that moment, this person becomes part of our database and a potential customer.

    Getting a contacts’ generation engine, will allow you to generate leads while you're on the beach or sleeping. But how can we attract contacts? The answer is through a generation of wide content. It is the quintessential content marketing: boosting your web to its fullest.

    One of the most important secret lies in overcoming the initial resistance that our prospects or leads face to the sales process. By the time a visitor becomes a lead you should avoid approaching him with an offer that has not yet applied. We dare to say that this is probably one of the biggest mistakes technology companies and, in general, the B2B business make.

    According to statistics, over 80% of Internet users seek information from different sources prior to purchase. It is really absurd to pressure a lead in her/his first contact with us to buy, don’t you think so? The Inbound Marketing is well aware of this reality and, for this reason, it focuses on the lead nurturing and tries to educate for reducing progressively skepticism.

    But let’s take it step by step. The mechanics of the lead generation is based on three key elements: offers, calls to action (CTAs) and landing pages with form.


    An offer is a valuable content, useful for the lead. You can create ebooks, templates, computer graphics, guides ... If you want your offer to be really overwhelming, consider these tips:

    -Catchy title

    - Relevant content

    -Respect the buyer's journey. Consider the lead’s buying cycle and make offers for each stage.


    -Avoid Technological jargon. Giving a corporate image is important, but we should never exceed.

    - "Hook" element. You can use certain techniques to make your customers feel attracted by your offer, as spread the number of people they had already downloaded it, there is a limited supply in time and / or quantity, or align an offer something that is fashionable.

    -Provide a high value format. Ebooks and templates are usually those that generate greater number of contacts. Even though, you should test different types of offers with your audience and determine their preferences.

    Calls to action (CTAs)

    A call to action is the "button" that leads your audience to the offer. If your CTAs are unable to attract the attention of your audience and are not effective, they make the offer useless.

    -Choose A visible place.

    -Be clear and concise

    -Design a CTA highlighting

    -Appreciate and give value to the blanks

    -Create an interactive CTA and let it be noticed

    -And obviously, link your CTA with a landing page including a form.

    Landing Page + Form

    -Do match the title of the destination page with the CTA

    -Eliminate main navigation. What matters now is that the audience enter their details. Avoid distractions.

    -Choose an attractive, beautiful and inspiring image.

    -Enphasize the benefits of the offer

    -Design a form that, like the CTA, attracts the attention of the audience.

    -Consider the length of the form. You must design a form with the essential fields, just the necessary ones. If there are just a few fields to fill (the basic are the name and email) your lead will not hesitate to fill them up and send it quickly, but perhaps the attention received would be less accurate.

    -Encourage the audience to share it on social networks. Do not forget to include social media icons for your leads to share and thus get more leads from other channels. Do not forget Linkedin. According to statistics, the conversion rate achieved by this social network is 2.74%, especially in B2B companies, most of them technology ones, a number that triples the generated by other less professional networks like Facebook or Twitter.

    We advise you to send a message thanking and announceing that shortly he/she will receive your offer. Now, you have some idea of how to capture leads for your technology company. Even though, you should know that consistency is the virtue to all bear fruit and content marketing is no exception.

    Go step by step and start building on a good foundation. The corporate profile is the foundation of a good business strategy. Don’t miss this opportunity and if you don’t have yours yet, go for it.

    Create the corporate profile of your company

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