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    The best of 2016 in marketing for tech companies

    Written by: Cristina García

    If you are not yet up to date with your marketing strategy, we bring you a compilation of the best posts of 2016 for...

    If you are not yet up to date with your marketing strategy and you need a boost now that we are at the beginning of the year, you are lucky. Today we bring you a compilation of the best posts of 2016 for technology companies and startups.

    1. Make your tech company different with a corporate profile

    Not be offended, but many technology companies, especially SMEs and startups, tend to focus too much on the product and leave a little aside the image of the company itself. In a way, it is natural. You try to do your best at work but you don’t realize you forget a very important part also for business. A popular saying goes, "do not pretend that others will love you if you don’t do it." Well, here it is the same. So don’t pretend people know you if you don’t know yourself. That’s why it’s very important to build a corporate profile for tech companies, or what we call a DDC strategy.

    Dare to be the black sheep. Before letting you know and communicate, know yourself. Differentiate your tech company. Define yourself. Developing a corporate profile is basic because it lays the foundation. Your business can be interpreted very differently among employees, customers, competition... Do not let the imagination take over in the definition of something so important. Concretize. Mark a mission, a vision, objectives, strategy, action plan, write your story to let everyone know where you come from and where you're going. Make your tech company different.


    2. Develop a marketing plan for your company

    A marketing plan is an essential tool in any business. As you design lines of work in all departments, such as production, billing or technical support, the marketing plan is the roadmap with strategies to improve the marketing of your product or service.

    Its development will help you to be unique and stay focused, as well as using the best communication channels to prove it. Because this plan clarifies what are the key marketing elements of a business, to establish the directions, objectives and actions that you are going to carry out. But do you know how to develop a marketing plan for your technology company? Here are the essential preliminary steps and some tips.


    3. Attract new leads

    A lead is a person who has entered to our Internet space and provided us with some personal information such as his/her name and email. Nothing else. It may seem little, but that is very important! From that moment, this person becomes part of our database and a potential customer.

    Getting a contacts’ generation engine, will allow you to generate leads while you're on the beach or sleeping. But how can we attract contacts? The answer is through a generation of wide content. It is the quintessential content marketing: boosting your web to its fullest.

    One of the most important secret lies in overcoming the initial resistance that our prospects or leads face to the sales process. By the time a visitor becomes a lead you should avoid approaching him with an offer that has not yet applied. We dare to say that this is probably one of the biggest mistakes technology companies and, in general, the B2B business make.


    4. Leverage all social media possibilities

    We can all see nowadays how social media have changed and keep on changing our everyday lives. As a tech company, you cannot ignore them, they have a prominent role in the technology industry and yet some firms still do not take advantage of everything they could get from social media.

    What are the consequences for those who still do not consider social media? Well, they remain stuck in a one-way communication, affecting their ROI because they find themselves in place of competitive disadvantage. If you are part of those who are not taking advantage of social media yet, don’t think about it any longer. Here are some tips about social networks for technology companies that will make you feel like a fish in the water!  


    5. And promote your business on LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is, without any doubts, the ultimate professional network. It is the right site to connect with people from a same sector, and it is a key element for businessmen as well as for job seekers. Yet, nowadays we can say that LinkedIn is also an important network where major brands share content.

    Big companies, either B2B or B2C, have managed to take advantage of the popularity of this social network and they are now using it to aim at more people, publishing relevant pieces of information. Yet, do you know that you can also be a part of it?

    Take notes and find out a little bit more about the top four of the best tech companies on LinkedIn with a fantastic promotion.



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