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    The 3 best tech blogs

    Written by: Anna Bramona

    Being aware of what the best are doing will help us to get ideas, take notes and inspire us. Do you want to know them?

     Millions of companies from all sectors compete daily to highlight on the Internet. They use blogs, try to be exaggeratedly present in social networks, design strategies and practice increasingly surprising techniques to get you to click on their button. It is a race in which everyone struggles to reach the first. This happens in all business areas, food, fashion, automotive or any service company. But also in technology. And, perhaps, it is more difficult in this sector, since are the professionals who know better the sector.

    Surely you already know all the benefits that a blog can bring you and how to succeed with it. We don’t need to insist on how important it is and the strength it has in attracting customers in an elegant and insightful way. But it is not enough to write publications. We must try to get better every day because our customers are, fortunately, increasingly demanding.

    Being aware of what the best are doing will help us to get ideas, take notes and inspire us. We have made a selection for you from the top three technology blogs. Do you want to know them?

    #1 TechCrunch 

    It is one of the most popular blogs among technology. Founded by Michael Arrington, it stands out for many reasons, but one of them is undoubtedly its ability to generate lots of updated content. TechCrunch publishes an average of 5 articles daily in each of its ten news categories. It follows the actuality to the second one and its publications are very dynamic.

    It uses an extremely colloquial but very attractive language. So much that at the end of December he published a post titled WTF is Brexit?

    TechCrunch bets on two-way communication. He always encourages the collaboration of his followers and does not give him trouble to ask for help to improve the information it offers.

    The team members show an image of young 30s, crazy and funny but who know what they are talking about ... And so this is how they congratulate the New Year.




    #2 Mashable 

    It is a technology news blog founded by the Scottish Pete Cashmore in July 2005. It focuses mainly on social networks and innovative companies, but also deals with other topical issues such as music, celebrities, video games or movies.

    Like TechCruch, Mashable also publishes a large number of articles daily. Already in its beginnings, it posted a minimum of seven articles daily. Currently, this number has almost tripled. In addition, this portal does not do any rehash, that is, does not copy content previously published in another blog and reuses it. Mashable creates original content and has a peculiar way of writing: direct and concise.

    Cashmore pointed out in an interview that he loves writers who are able to tell a complex story in only three paragraphs. This is something that, undoubtedly, should be taken into account in the online environment, due to the ease that any reader has to stop reading our content and introduce a new search.

    Mashable also attracts for its design, clean, simple and intuitive, and its fun and instructive videos, such as this about the history of emoticons that you cannot miss.


    #3 Xataka 


    Xataka is a Spanish blog that is part of Weblogs SL, a group to which belong other blogs also focused on technological issues. But Xataka is the leader, the number one. It publishes in a rigorous and passionate way the new technological proposals offered by the market. It is a blog that should be used, at least, every time you have in mind the purchase a new gadget. It publishes on the latest technologies in consumer electronics, review of smartphones, tablets, consoles and video games. It conducts in-depth market research and analyzes one by one similar products on the market.

    This blog was launched in 2004 and today is the Spanish technological channel of reference, creating a community of influential and participatory users. Xataka also celebrates awards since 2010 that give value to the best and most innovative technological devices. Take advantage of the event to organize a meeting with followers in which the main brands of consumer technology participate and in which the public has the opportunity to test new devices that have not yet been released to the market by the manufacturers in the so-called Experiences Tech. Xataka is, as they say in their website, a passion for a future that has already become a reality.


    The quality of the content and a high number of publications are the two pillars of a blog's success. If you still do not have it, you should create a marketing plan that will help you organize yourself. Wait no more.



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