Event marketing for tech companies. Why bother?

    Written by: Anna Bramona

    We live in a digital world, and yes, we spend a great deal of time online, but who said that personal interactions have...

    Yes, we live in a digital world, and yes, we spend a great deal of time online, but who said that personal interactions have lost their power? People still appreciate an offline part of their life, and business world should also do so.

    Did you know that for 5 years straight B2B marketers listed “in-person events” at their top B2B marketing tactic? According to The Content Marketing Institute’s research, only in 2016/2017 “in-person events” gave the place of #1 tactic to social media and blogs for both B2B and B2C. However, event marketing still remains an important and effective strategy for the majority of marketers.

    Surprised? You shouldn’t be, really. In the world where we crave experiences more than anything else, event marketing makes perfect sense. Real-life experience shapes our thoughts and memories much more profoundly than anything we read or see online. Surely you would remember holding a new tech in your hands much more than just reading about it or watching a video.

    Still not convinced you need an event marketing strategy for your tech company? Here are 5 more reasons to reconsider.

    Events help you cut through the clutter

    Set your company apart from competitors by creating unique experiences for your customers. Let them associate you not only with image or slogan, but with feelings and memories. Events facilitate face-to-face interactions with customers, helping you to establish closer and more intimate relationships. And that means trust. As our colleagues from HubSpot say, Shaking somebody's hand and delivering the phrase "So nice to finally meet you!" could make the difference between a good relationship with someone important to your business and a great one.”

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    Events help you generate quality leads

    Another reason to invest in Event marketing is that events will help you generate leads. People attending your event, most probably, already know who you are and they want to know what you offer – they are interested. Offline events facilitate positive personal interaction that raises the level of customer engagement, thus building loyalty.

    Events help you build brand recognition 

    Every brand seeks recognition and awareness. 8 out of 10 people who take part in experiential marketing, pass on their experience to others, be that by sharing on social media or any other way. Event marketing allows you to express your identity first-hand. Share your ideas and thoughts, your name and your philosophy with your customers.

    In order to use full capacity of your event, consider inviting influencers of your industry. It would be a perfect strategy as you are not only selling your product, but also an experience. The role of influencers in spreading the word about your event and your product should not be underestimated. As AJ Agrawal comments for Forbes, what you will get in return is “targeted exposure to the right kind of consumer, one who is already interested and will likely pay attention”.

    Events help you get inspired 

    Hosting and attending tech conferences, exhibitions and other events of the industry will help you get inspired by achievements of your fellow colleagues. Your customers will also help you generate new ideas, as event marketing allows you get immediate feedback about your product.

    Events help you grow professionally 

    Technical conferences are very popular among leading tech companies. Attending the right conference will give you the chance to learn from world-class speakers, follow newest trends and get to know latest innovations. Besides attending workshops and lectures, you can also share your experience by participating in an event as speaker. Finally, you can organize a tech conference, create a relevant for you topic and invite those speakers who your buyer persona would like to listen to.

    Events help you make connections 

    Participating in conference gives you a great opportunity for networking. There is no need in explaining the importance of connections in business. Events will help you meet influencers of tech industries, find new partners and clients. Also, don’t miss the chance to connect with new interesting people on social media. Most of conferences have a hashtag, twitter account, live video streaming or photo sharing places, so use it to connect with people you met on the conference.

    Event marketing is a part of experiential marketing, which is the act of “creating unique, face-to-face branded experience”, according to Boston-based 451 Marketing. It can be presentation of your new product, a workshop, or an interactive poster in the city. Event marketing is beneficial in many ways, and we showed you some of them. See you on the next tech event!


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