Five examples of startups’ marketing campaigns

    Written by: Anna Bramona

    Many large multinational technology companies have been startups. Here are five great examples of startups’ marketing...

    Many large multinational technology companies we know today have been startups. Perhaps the desire to succeed, the few resources at their disposal and the energy discharged in all beginnings, have make wonderful cocktail fostering great marketing ideas. Here are five great examples of startups’ marketing campaigns. ¡Get inspired!



    Minube is a web and mobile application that provides information for planning trips. Their marketing campaigns are creative and revolutionary. They are based on an idea and use social networks as an ally. This Spanish company founded in 2007 achieved a strong impact worldwide in its campaign  Social Destination Awards.

    The campaign consisted in making a destination more social. They designed a contest in which Internet users voted their favorite spot through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+. Minube offered various prizes and, above all, the prestige of being the winner place.

    This initiative generated more than 11 million tweets in less than five days and a strong international movement between tourist offices, institutions, travelers, tourism promotion agencies ...


    Minube marketing startup


    Uber Technologies Inc. is an international company of private transport connecting drivers with passengers through a mobile application. Their marketing campaigns are surprisingly spectacular, with small budgets and big results.

    The startup was born in 2009 and began offering free rides during the conference South by Southwest SXSW, a music, interactive media and film festival that attracts thousands of millennials each year in Austin, Texas. They chose the exact spot of the planet and the specific time when their target focused. They revolutionized the event. All the attendees wanted the experience of trying the service free of charge. Social networks, particularly Twitter, was collapsed with information.

    Otra campaña de Uber consistió en unirse al National Cat Day de Estados Unidos. La startup ofrecía a los usuarios la entrega de un gatito y su compañía durante un cuarto de hora. Si el cliente quería, después del encuentro podía adoptar a la mascota.

    Another campaign of Uber was to join the National Cat Day in the United States. The startup offered users the delivery of a kitten and his company for fifteen minutes. If the customer wanted, after the meeting he could adopt the pet.

    UBER marketing startup


    The SXSW conference was also the scene of an original  Twitter campaign in its beginnings, a decade ago. Instead of renting a traditional booth at the festival, Twitter negotiated with the organization and placed huge screens on which appeared messages in real time. Attendees who used Twitter participated in the campaign and promoted the brand encouraging new customers to use the social net for the first time.



    Privalia is an online fashion outlet. It was born in 2009 by two Spaniards and in 2015 its value was more than two million euros. Its great marketing strategies are based on the launch of a new business model and a strong corporate image. As Groupon or Dropbox, their campaigns offer incentives to users if they get new customers. Thus virality achieved with member get member programs or sponsorship.

    Privalia offers its customers a 10 percent discount on the purchase after their sponsored has made its first purchase, Groupon uses the same technique and Dropbox gives more storage space to users who get a friend to open a new account.

    Privalia viral campaigns have caused 40 percent of the new members register via recommendation from a friend. Moreover, this kind of customers has a weight as client up to 10 times higher than those registered by other channels.




    began as a startup based in the UK and with little presence in America. Facebook achieved the momentum to the digital music company in the US thanks to a subtle campaign of co-marketing. Spotify personal lists were published in the profiles of Facebook users and tracks were displayed with playback buttons, so a contact from Facebook could hear the same music with a single click.

    Currently, Spotify has 100 million users worldwide.


    These are just five examples that reflect the importance of a good idea in a marketing campaign. Online marketing offers endless possibilities. Curiosity and engagement are, without doubt, the key over budget.


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