Social networks for technology companies. Like a fish in water.

    Written by: Anna Bramona

    Here are some tips about social networks for technology companies that will make you feel like a fish in the water!

     We can all see nowadays how social media have changed and keep on changing our everyday lives. As a tech company, you cannot ignore them, they have a prominent role in the technology industry and yet some firms still do not take advantage of everything they could get from social media.

    What are the consequences for those who still do not consider social media? Well, they remain stuck in a one way communication, affecting their ROI because they find themselves in place of competitive disadvantage. If you are part of those who are not taking advantage of social media yet, don’t think about it any longer. Here are some tips about social networks for technology companies that will make you feel like a fish in the water!  

    1. Make sure your profile on social networks is appealing

    Your leads visit thousands of pages a week so you have to do your best to catch their attention and stand out. You have to create a nice landing page! You have to get the “like”. To do so, you have to pay attention to what you might consider like details: the colour, the message, the logo and don’t forget any contact detail. If we talk about Facebook, create a fan page; they have more visibility, generates more traffic and they can be measured. Enough reasons, don’t you think so?


    2. Engage your audience with videos

    In many sectors, video marketing has become a key factor when it comes to attract potential customers as you might know, and the technology industry makes no exception to the rule.  Videos contribute to humanize companies. Watch this video from Iphone The Human Family. It transmits transparency, trust, engagement, generates a lot of traffic and it is easy to share. According to statistics we remember the 90% part of an explanatory video versus 10% part of a written text.



    3. Generate quality content for your leads

    The content is the new marketing. Engage your leads with content that really interests them. Help them to know, to answer their questions. Become his faithful teacher. A potential customer will feel more attracted to a text on the Internet that will resolve any doubt he may have than for a banner or an advertisement in a newspaper. Take advantage of it. Internet is an ocean without shores. With your content you can redirect your leads to your website and make yourself known. Use this powerful speaker and be heard.

    4. Spread your information to the maximum

    You are broadcasting content on Facebook? Do not limit yourself, spread your information on Twitter and remember don’t forget Linkedin.  Follow this link and find out the top four of the best tech companies’ promotions on Linkedin. It is the ideal place to connect with people in the same sector and a springboard for B2B companies.

    In addition, it is also extremely important to unify your social media strategy. Develop a marketing plan and disseminates the most of your content. 

    5. Try to satisfy your potential customers

    Ask yourself the possibility of a contest, making a draw and offer a prize. Perhaps the B2B model is not the most suitable for this type of campaign, but nobody better than you know whether these techniques fit with your leads. We think everyone likes to receive a gift. Take your time and think about how you can satisfy your audience.

    Lenovo, the Chinese technology company, launched a successful campaign last Christmas, inviting his audience to hang a 360 video of how they celebrate the holidays. Even without being a competition to get a prize, the campaign was so successful. People like to participate and show their creativity.


    6. Analyze and repeat what works

    Last, but not least, you should analyze your presence in social networks, measure carefully and know what works and what does not. Which of the actions on social networks have generated traffic and which ones have gone unnoticed. The longer missed analyzing this, the more efficient your work in the future will be and, consequently, more profitable will be your time.


    70:20:10 model rule is also effective in this field. We advise allocate 70 percent of the content to satisfy the needs of your leads, share 20% of content from other sources and allocates the remaining 10 percent talking about you, your brand. Follow the example of Intel, a technology company with tremendous success in Facebook. Follow its page and note. 

    Finally, do not forget to make a responsive design of your website. Most of the traffic you generate through social networks come from mobile phones. Do not take that risk. With all these tips, if you have not yet done, you can now dive into social networks.

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