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    Tourism trends for 2018. What you will do to boost your hotel's online bookings

    Written by: Mar Reguant

    Tourism is very changing and it may seem that talking about new trends is not necessary. Some may even think that it is not worth adjusting to these changes if new ones will soon appear. But the truth is that it is necessary to take into account these trends that, after all, are created by the tourists themselves.

    And not only because, of course, we must adapt to our customers, but because many of these trends come to stay and are not temporary fads. Today we will see some new trends and others that have already appeared some time ago and still booming even with a change that strengthens them.

    Exciting changes. A technological 2018.

    Already in 2014 several studies, which predicted how tourism was going to change just until 2018, appeared. In fact, this subject was discussed in the World Travel Market (WTM) three years ago.

    Of course, new technologies were one of the most hyped topics and, so it has been, since we have seen day by day (but not too quickly) the spring of new apps and new features in the tourism sector.

    Wearable technology, real-time information and holograms projections which to interact with were some of the most up-and-coming innovations. Of course, as it was predicted, smartphones have continued to be the protagonists in the search and sale of tourism products.

    According to data from the WTM Global Trends Report of 2014, prepared by Euromonitor, it was expected that "mobile bookings represent 35% of online bookings by 2018." In this article you can learn more about this study.

    Returning to 2017, let's see how it is and how the tourist will be in the coming months. 

    The immediate tourist

    How many travel websites offer information about 'hot deals'? And even now you can find in the airlines websites flight tickets at derisory prices. How could an eager traveller miss this opportunity?

    So, if a user buys a ticket on impulse, because it has a good price, what is missing now? Exactly, an accommodation. Now a day it is even possible for the tourist to board and arrive at the destination without having a previously booked accommodation.

    Of course, this traveller will make use of his most precious tool: his mobile phone. So if your booking engine is not adapted to responsive design, you will lose that sale. Another great tool to reach this type of tourist is your Google My Business profile, which has to be updated and very well positioned.

    With this tool, which is connected to Google Maps, users who consult an accommodation near your location, will find you with a direct link to your website. So you can also get a direct booking!

    In this guide, we'll tell you about the importance of Google My Business for this type of travellers who, once in the destination, look for accommodation adapted to their needs. In addition, we explain how to register and how to use this tool step by step to improve your web positioning!

    Luxury Inns

    In some cases, hotels are no longer those low-priced and low-quality accommodations. In recent seasons there have (and will continue to) emerged accommodations that, even if they have the name of a hostel, are really cosy places, with a vintage hint in many cases and sometimes located in spectacular historical renovated centres.

    Millennial are looking for this type of accommodation, since it places them in most cases in the centre of their destination, allows them to interact with other travellers and usually can cook their own food in a common space.

    This type of accommodation will continue to grow in the coming seasons, since new generation of tourist will prefer this type of places with a great value for money.

    Mobile check-in

    It is a reality! Your guests don’t need to obligatorily wait in order to check-in at your hotel’s reception. A clear example is the Marriott International hotel chain. For some time now, Marriott has been offering its guests a mobile app that allows them to check-in, without having to make a stop.

    In this way, the guest simply has to go to pick up the key from their room and the Marriott reception team can devote more time to other matters. All to improve the guest experience.

    In this FERGUS Hotels Expansion blog article we can see how Marriott International knew not only to encourage its guests to use this new tool (they already have 5 million downloads of their app), but also to take advantage of this hype to prepare a campaign of viral marketing, including a video that already with almost 4 million views.

    We even know the case of other hotels such as Hotel Izelai, where the reception is non-existent. Guests arrive at the hotel and automatically checks in themselves. A machine like an ATM gives them their room card to open it and that's it!

    Who said business trip? The up-coming bleisure hotels.

    Bleisure hotels are those that suit travellers who, even if they are travelling for business, also want to enjoy the destination. The number is increasing when we talk about these travellers that lengthen their stay to enjoy the city they visit.

    In out post 'Do you know the hotels bleisure? Find out about new trends.', We have already talked about the hotels bleisure best features and we show you some examples.

    The tourist is reconciled with the environment

    Every day more and more people are choosing environmental-friendly products and services. This trend, of course, also includes the tourism sector. It seems that the well-known ecotur will be booming this year 2018. The tourist is willing and seeks to visit protected natural parks and landscapes. Following this trend, more exclusive hotels, with few rooms and low-rise buildings, will start to emerge.

    Eco-friendly hotels, although not in protected environments, will also grow in number of guests. In the same way, those accommodations for cycling enthusiasts, for example, offering activities in contact with nature, will earn points among these new green tourists.

    Of course, gastronomy made with ecological products is also very trendy and a guest can choose one hotel or another according to this feature. Some hotels even have their own organic garden, using their seasonal fruits and vegetables to make food for their guests. If these people take care of themselves at home, why don’t they want to do it even more when they are on holiday?

    Social media

    Although not new, social networks will continue to be a major trend: guests are constantly sharing their experiences on these platforms. So, offer them something incredible to tell!

    There are many occasions when we have talked about the importance of properly managing your hotel social profiles. For example, it’s is vital to respond to comments and private messages (within a period of no more than 24 hours), even if these are negative.

    Indeed, you must be constantly updating your hotel’s accounts according to the new trends in each social media platform. Do you know where your guests are? Then your hotel should also have a profile there.

    We take this opportunity to remind you to encourage your guests to review their stay on platforms such as Facebook or Google Plus. Google reviews are immediately seen when a user searches the meta search engine and also helps your hotel rank and be competitive. It is clear that opinions on other platforms such as Booking or Tripadvidor are also essential, but don’t forget to get opinions also 'at home'.

    In short, we see how more and more new technologies will drive the tourism of tomorrow, tourists will continue to change their way of travelling at their whim and according to their generation and you must adapt. But don’t worry, we will help you!

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