3 main reasons why your online marketing strategy doesn’t work

    Written by: Cristina García

    We have already establish why your online presence, i.e. why online marketing is important for you tourism company. So, if you want to be where your potential customers are, you have to be on the Internet. That’s for sure!

    Although it seems your online marketing strategy doesn’t work how it should be working. Why?

    Well, probably it is because you’re not optimizing and leveraging the full potential of your website. You’re not approaching your page from an Inbound marketing methodology perspective in order to get more conversions, and hence more sales.

    What are your doing wrong?

    You don’t have buyer personas.

    That’s a huge NO.

    When doing online marketing, and most recently Inbound, you need to well define who is that audience you’re reaching, who are the users that most likely will convert in your website, i.e. who are those people that could become your customers.

    There’s no other way than creating buyer personas coming from a mix of quantitative and qualitative research (90% data, 10% knowledge). By using tools such as Google Analytics you will have a view on your website user’s interests, needs and desires. Through interviews and with surveys, you will also get relevant information of your personas. The more data you gather, the better. And the more you use it on their profiles, the more accurate they will be.

    Any other strategy according to this Methodology, that you will implement would have in mind the buyer persona within the different buyer’s journey stages.

    You’re not optimizing your content strategy.

    You’re losing your potential customers, either because your content is not right for your buyer personas within the buyer’s journey; you haven’t well defined your main goals and priorities; and/or you’re not using the appropriate keywords strategy.


    You want to be able to attract the right traffic to your website, that’s why you need to integrate a content strategy. This is not an Inbound tactic by itself, since Inbound is about converting, and ultimately selling. But no-doubt it has to be well used to feed the top of the funnel -a mean to be able to achieve your final objectives.

    This technique is all about creating the right content, using the right keywords at each buyer’s journey stage. For that, you need to have in mind which are your buyer personas’ needs, where are they spending their time and sharing content (such as social media platforms), and what content format is more likely to attract (blogs, vlogs…).

    You have to be consistent, focus on quality content that adds value, not quantity, and have a truly feedback with your potential customers.

    And don’t forget to incorporate a mobile-friendly web design, preferably with responsive technology that’s able to adapt to any screen, since mobile devices are more used than computers nowadays.

    Online users prefer consuming products and services of companies that offer a mobile experience, with the appropriate layout and that loads fast.

    You’re not converting and nurturing leads.

    The Inbound Methodology potential is on the conversion phase, where different techniques are implemented in order to convert visits into leads, these into sales opportunities and finally customers. That’s what you want, isn’t it?

    If you’re missing the chance to convert them, it is because most probably you’re not using the right Call-to-Actions (CTA) to provoke your prospects response. If you’re trying to offer solutions with your products and services but you’re not making easy for your potential customers to act (convert) and stay, you will lose them. So make sure you place your CTA’S in every platform where your personas are spending their time.

    On the other hand, let’s say you have reached your visitors and convert them into leads because your CTA’s are working. But that’s all. Your leads not doing anything else. That’s because you are the one who’s not nurturing them. And how can you do that?

    Well, the most common way is by implementing an email strategy and automation. If you’re using your buyer personas to target those leads you get, you’re doing Inbound marketing correctly.

    That’s why you need to create the right workflow that will improve day by day only if you compromise to one of the most important things in this Methodology: analyse. You need to test an analyse how your leads are behaving and act about it, that way you will get them to become into customers.

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