6 strategies to upgrade your hotel website

    Written by: Mar Reguant

    Internet is alive. That’s why your website should also be alive. Surely you have wonder what are the strategies to upgrade your hotel website. Here we offer you 6 features to have in mind in order to adapt your web to 2016 trends

    An updated and modern website will attract more users and, therefore, it will be better positioned in search engines. Don’t be afraid to turn 360º your old web.

    Strategies for a modern and successful website

    Use high quality images

    Images are no longer just a good company for your website. They now have a leading role. Your website must create a visual experience for your user. Use professional images of high quality

    Your potential customer wants to see in detail many features: the bedroom where he will sleep, the restaurant where he will spend a romantic evening or the pool where he will relax for hours. Don’t force him to guess. Show him from the first moment how fabulous your hotel is!

    And you alredy know that images you have to use must be real. Deceiving your customer is not going to bring any good. Maybe you got that sale, but you would have earned a bad comment on social media.

    Cuéntaselo con una historia: el video marketing

    Internet users read less and less because every day they feel more attracted by the audiovisual content. Create a video that tells a story about your hotel. Thrill your guests and sell them a unique holiday experience in your resort.

    Include that video on your website’s home to capture the user’s attention from the begining. Also promote it on social networks. Although the content virality is not controllable, if your video is reliable and good it could be shareable on different social media and it also could be able to reach far beyond what you expected.

    Increasing conversions are closely linked to the video marketing use. Remember to optimize your audiovisual material weight. That musn’t affect your website loading time. You can use different platforms such as Youtube or Vimeo.

    Work with a responsive design

    Your user can reach your website through any device, including mobile and tablets. In fact, more and more users access through different screens. Your website should be prepared wherever they come from.

    Therefore, your website should have what is known as responsive design. All elements of your website must adapt to any screen size and the objects which interact with the user, such as a booking engine, must work optimally on any device.

    trabaja con un diseño responsive.jpg

    Invite your user to share your content on social media

    Social networks have become a new media and even a contact platform. Make sure social media is present in your web as well as your contact details.

    If your website also has a blog section, you must include the option to share your posts at the beginning of each entry or on a movable side throughout the text. The reader may not reach the end of the text. Allow him to share your content at any moment.

    Choose a flat design

    Choose a simple and minimalist design. The flat one is a design with many blank spaces that makes easier the user’s visual tour. Take care of images and choose well the texts you use. And include only the essential text, especially on your home.

    diseño sencillo y minimalista.jpg

    The font should be consistent with your hotel values

    There are a lot of resources that allow you to have a single typeface. The style you choose should be closely related to your hotel’s values. Typography design says a lot about your brand.

    All elements of your brand must be consistent and related to the same values and brand image. Google Fonts provides you a wide variety of modern and adaptable typefaces.

    Learn the essential elements for your hotel websites anatomy

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