7 tips for your tech company to reach your customer

    Written by: Anna Bramona

    Nobody said it was easy. For many companies and, perhaps, a little more for technology ones, reach the buyer person, customer, sometimes it becomes difficult to overcome costs. Yes, difficult but not impossible. And you'll see, with these 7 tips for your tech company to reach your customer ever will be easier. The slope will gradually lose pending because your confidence will grow. Learn how to sell your tech product.

    Pay attention and if you can, tattoo these seven tricks to never lose sight of them. Are you ready?

    1.  Know your client in depth.  It seems a tired cliché, but it is a truth as a temple. We must listen to their problems and offer solutions. Solutions that do not necessarily have to result always in the sale of our services. Think about content that might interest your buyer person and offer it.
    2.  Generate confidence. This should be our "visible" purpose, although in reality, of course, want to get to the sale. Always keep open the communication channel between client and company and make them feel at ease. Walk with him in the conversion process from lead to customer and delight him along the entire buyer journey.
    3. Help your client. Teach him. It is no use to be the best if you do not show it. Teach, share and make your customers appreciate your knowledge.
    4. Show confidence any time. There is nothing more to add. This advice is essential in business and in life in general.
    5. Customize your attention to your client. Make him feel special. Everyone loves to believe that he is unique ... and every one of us are unique, aren’t we? Nurture your relationship with him.
    6. Take care of your Web. Take time to your website. It's your window to the world. Update it, pamper and care to the last detail. There are lots of tools that will help you to generate leads on line. If you bet on a blog, it should offer interesting content.
    7. Do not take this wrong, but often, tech companies get too technical in their world and forget what are really around them. Be friendly and always attend your client with a smile. Remember this fantastic Chinese proverb: "No smile no open door."
    8. Now you know the theory and believe me, it is not so difficult to implement. We know you'll get it and soon you will increase your customer base. You've already laid the groundwork. You know well your buyer person. Now it's time to act.

    attention to client

    Success is not achieved overnight. We must work with perseverance and dedication, never lower our guard and slowly, patiently, gather your fruit. It all comes. 

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